Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ally's Birthday Videos

Ally's 16th Birthday

Kidnapped by her basketball team...

Hiding in her room from her sea of friends that came to surprise her for her 16th! 
Strawberry shortcake was so cute!

Its official...she's legal! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Go Grizzlies! #gng #grizzlies

Father Daughter Date!!! 
Scary how much she reminds me of her Daddy! 
Britt and TA joined them. Awesome seats on the floor. Glad I gave up my spot for them! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Here We Go Again...Campbell's Clinic

So, here we are back at Campbell's Clinic AGAIN! Oney decided to stand in his chair with wheels on it to grab something off of the top shelf.  Guess what? He came crashing down and BROKE his right arm. UGH!!!!!!!!

A Stool and a Sleep

Baby It's Cold Outside

In spite of our extremely cold winter we have had zero snow! We have had the coldest temps in the past 18 years this year! Burrrrr!

Basketball .... Did I tell you we were playing basketball?

Quote from Jud...we practice more than the Grizzlies but I have yet to see a check! 

Costume "out"...Ally the cheerleader?!
Abby and Blake Glass. He's such a sweet kid. 

Our American Idol

We are SO SO PROUD of Maddye! We know she is the most naturally beautiful and talented contestant! She is just too normal for that crazy show! We love you Maddye and are so proud to call you ours! We know the best is yet to come with your musical career! 

This was taken back in August? I think when she first auditioned!