Thursday, March 29, 2012

ACM Awards in Vegas...Coming In HOT

Let me start out by saying we had a lot of "firsts" on this little weekend escapade. I will refer to them as Vegas Virgins! I do believe that the next Hangover movie could be based on our weekend in Sin City! It would definitely be a blockbuster! 

*FIRSTS* First time Lori and Eric had been to Vegas

As you can tell from the picture above, we came in just a little too HOT on Friday night!  Know how I know that??? One of the men is missing on Friday night on the way to dinner....John Bradley Williams! Never fear, he and Kerry made it with a small delay! We hit the pool hard on Friday and I think Brad had a little jet lag!

*FIRSTS* First time Kerry and Brad had been to a European pool together

While we were waiting on dinner reservations and Brad to take a 5 o'clock nap, the four of us had a drink at Hyde at the Bellagio. Eric offered to buy the four of us a drink while we waited. He almost pooped his pants when he got the check.

*FIRSTS* First time Eric paid $60 bucks for 4 cocktails...actually 2 beers, a water, and 1 double

After we took this picture, we walked over to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas where we had dinner reservations at STK. It was the absolute BEST steak I have EVER had in my entire life! Then we hopped in our limo and rode around Vegas and saw lots of famous photo spots...the Pawn Shop, the Famous Vegas Sign seen below, Fremont Street, etc. we turned in early the first night so that we would be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rest of the weekend's events!

*FIRSTS* The first time Lori and Eric had ever ridden in a limo

Saturday we hit the ground running! We went to the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand. It was THE PLACE TO BE ON SATURDAY! We had reservations, of course, thanks to our travel planner, my awesome husband, Judson. I must say that he did not leave one tiny detail unplanned! Except...he hit it a little hard at the pool on Saturday. He tried to get his money's worth and I guess he did....

The girls soaking in the Sun at the pool. 

*FIRSTS* There were a lot of firsts between the pool picture and the Dr Pepper party picture below. 

Unfortunately due to my PG blog ratings, I cannot posts them. Just know that most of them pertained to my husband who has been to Vegas MANY times before...go figure! The picture below is of us at the AWESOME concert that Dr Pepper sponsored the night before the ACM's. Even though Judson showed up late, it was unbelievable! We were up front...the FRONT ROW...all night! It was the best! 

Blake Shelton performs! 

Sunday, the ACM Awards was incredible! We, the group being led by the one and only, Dana (yes, that's me), managed our way to the floor again. We were seat fillers and had the best experience you could ask for at an awards show. 

*FIRSTS* First time Williams and Regis' attended an awards show.
*FIRSTS* First time Williams and Regis' were seat fillers.
*FIRSTS* First time Williams and Regis' were VIPs for the night simply by following there friend Dana's lead.
*FIRSTS* First time Williams and Regis' threw 20s for seats, drinks,tables,rides,photo ops, etc.

This was the photo taken at the beginning of the night! You cannot tell from the picture but I do believe that Judson was in desperate need of intravenous fluids. Had we known about the Hangover Heaven Bus at the time, then we definitely would have dropped Judson off for a bag or two of fluids. Just saying. 

*FIRSTS* First time Judson was a Vegas Virgin in many senses of the word. WOW! 

This was our photo taken at the end of the night! We didn't have a real camera, just cell phones. Probably not a bad thing...

Can you guess which one is Judson, Brad and Eric???

If you would like further details of this trip, you will have to go to Vegas to find out. It stayed there!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FMS Conference in New Orleans

One of my FAVORITE places to visit! I LOVE NEW ORLEANS! I am not sure if it is the delicious food, rich history, awesome music, or what, but I love to visit  New Orleans! Judson and I had a grocery seminar there and decided to make a trip of it. We were in and out in three days. It was a prefect little getaway. We ATE and DRANK too much and learned a little! The picture below is of Me and Big Al Carson. He sings at the Funky Pirate and has for many years. He was very entertaining! We bought a CD and had him sign it for one of our Sanderson friends that originally told us about this place. 

Me and Big Al Carson

Bourbon Street

One of the many Mardi Gras beads shops along Bourbon Street

Leaving the Funky Pirate

Some of our New Orleans Favorites...Aunt Sally's Pralines...K Paul's Restaurant...
Pat O'Briens...
Lafitte's Blacksmith Bar...Bourbon Cowboy...
Cafe Du Monde...

It was nice to get away just the two of us even if it was just for a couple of days! Whats a trip to the Big Easy without some world famous Cafe Du Monde Beignets??? MMMMM.....

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oney's View of His Mom and Dad

Oney is quite the artist lately. He doodles here and there and occasionally leaves drawings out for me in the kitchen. The other night I walked in and found these two drawings on the kitchen counter. It is a drawing of Me and Judson through Oney's eyes! Priceless!

I love the perfectly straight hair, huge smile, arms wide open, short dress, and high heels!

I love Judson's hair, tongue sticking out, hands reaching out to grab you, shorts and a t-shirt, and look at those big feet!

Thanks, Oney, for the artwork! Keep up the good work!

Confirmation Class

It is a special season for Abby...she is going through Confirmation Class at our Church. Rev. Tim Carpenter does an excellent job with Confirmation. Ally completed her class the year before last. She really enjoyed all of the activities and getting to grow closer to her Church family. Tim has events or meetings planned every weekend between now and their Confirmation in the Church. They will visit a Jewish Synagogue and a Catholic Church, too. They also have a weekend retreat planned. Abby is so excited about her mentor, Robin Racine. She is really enjoying their time together.

Abby will be confirmed in the Church on April 22, 2012. Sittie has a special day planned for her...a delicious meal with lots of family and friends! Sittie was nice enough to do this for Ally since I had just had surgery. Of course, she wanted to do the same for Abby!

We are looking forward to this special day, Abby. I still remember my Confirmation at Elm Grove Methodist. It seems like yesterday.

Catchup Take 3...

Oney the Fisherman

Who would have thought Oney would be so into fishing? Well it just may be his new favorite pastime! The girls and I were out of town on a Student Council trip (post to come later), Judson was gone on a business trip, so Oney decided to go to Pickwick with Ginny for the weekend. Well when it was time to come home for Ginny to go back to work, Oney decided he wanted to stay with Pop and Aunt Das. He stayed with Pop on Sunday night and Aunt Das and Uncle Rob Monday and Tuesday night. He had a GREAT time! I was afraid he might get homesick but boy was I wrong. I think everybody kept him really busy! Look at how proud he was of his catch here...

He was especially proud of this catfish that he caught. He has caught Crappie before but never a catfish. Way to go Oney!

This is a striped fish "aka" a "mohawk" fish. He really liked this one, too!

Oney with his Uncle Rob. Thanks Uncle Rob for your patience and sharing your time on the lake with Oney. He had a wonderful time!

Look at this face! I LOVE IT! Look how excited he is to be holding his catch! I remember fishing at Cold Creek with my Papa Sonny on his homemade pontoon boat! Those were the days!

Aunt Das and Uncle Rob even took Oney fishing at night! WOW...dedicated fishermen!

I was so glad when Oney came home today...I have been without him for 6 days!!! I really missed him!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Wild About Our Grandparents

Grandparents Day at TRA is a HUGE tradition. I remember back to the first Grandparent's Day when Ms. MaryLou was the Principal and everyone could fit in the gym with ease. Now we do good to be able to squeeze into the gym and have to limit who comes. A lot has changed since our first years at TRA, but a lot has stayed the same. It is still the absolute BEST place on Earth for our kids to go to school. I wouldn't trade my kids small town raising for the world. The good definitely outweighs the bad. It is hard to believe that Oney is in the fourth grade. He will only have one more Grandparent's Day program after this year. Wow! My baby boy is growing up so fast.

We (the room moms) always have a special gift for the Grandparents. We usually try to involve the kids in some way and if possible use their hand or foot prints. This year's idea was definitely one of our best gifts...a doormat with an owl on it. It was so cute! The grandparents had a fit over it.

Oney and I had to do some of the painting in advance. He was a HUGE help as usual.

Sittie and Ginny took Oney to the book fair to buy a book and a poster before the program. He picked out a joke book and an angry birds poster.

Oney's fourth grade teacher, Ms. Jenny Daniel. She was also both of the girls' teacher. She feels like family now and she certainly takes care of all three of my kids like they are hers!

Oney with his beautiful, wonderful, grandmothers...



Thanks to my Mother and Mother in Law for making such an effort for the past 10 years. You have made the day so special for all three of my kids and me. Ally, Abby and Oney are so lucky to have you. We really are "Wild About You"!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

iLead...Student Council Convention...Bristol Bound!

This was the second year that the girls and I attended the State of TN Student Council Convention sponsored by TASC. It is held each year in a different city in the state of Tennessee. This years' convention was held in the absolute furthest city possible...Bristol. Look at this...
A school campaigns each year for Secretary-Host to decide where the convention will be held. The host was Tennessee High School. It was HUGE and HAUNTED! Yep...HAUNTED! Checkout this site...
TN High School Ghost. It was the longest drive EVER, but the MOST FUN ride ever. I had a car full of giggly girls and Ms. Angel Jones, aka, "Angelina Jones Lee"! Yep... you had to be there! 
Ms. Jones called in a last minute 911 for the scrapbook. The kids in charge had dropped the ball and hadn't even started it less than two weeks before they were supposed to have it completed. We had a weekend of scrap booking at the house and this is the final product. Pretty darn good if I must say so myself. Old Momma came to the rescue once again! We actually got SECOND PLACE OVERALL! I was so proud! 

This is the high school's scrapbook. They did a great job as well. 
Ally and AJ and Abby and Jack...Their "BOYFriends since babies! 
Abby, following in the footsteps of her big sister, Ally, ran for the State Office of West TN Representative. I was so proud of her. She won and will fill Ally's shoes on the State Board for the 2012-2013 term. She will have several Board meetings throughout the year. It is invaluable experience and a great network of friends for life. She was so excited to be able to do this especially after seeing Ally enjoy it this past year. Congrats Abby!

Her campaign slogan was..."Don't Be Crabby, Vote for Abby"! 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these two women, Ms. Jones and Ms. Baker!

I have also grown to know and love this entire BUNCH of GREAT kiddos! I think I have become the "unofficial student council Mom"! 
Notice all of the kids' shirts. These are Abby's campaign shirts that she had made and gave everyone to wear to support her and her office. They turned out perfect! A huge thanks and shout out to Molly at the Print Shop! She takes such great care of me and does all of my crazy student council tasks! 

Our council won tons of awards! Look at this impressive list.
Ally Naifeh-Member of the Year
Ally Naifeh-Rising Star Award
AJ Hightower-Rising Star Award
Nate Phillips-Rising Star Award
Abby Naifeh-Best Overall Speech
Scrapbook-Second Place Overall
Four Star Council Award
Madison Cranford-Rising Star Award
Matthew Cannon-Rising Star Award
Christopher Fox-Above and Beyond

Abby getting her award for first place in speech competition! WOW! She said it in front of 400 people! I was so proud of her...I NEVER could have done that at her age...not sure I could now!

These pictures are of the induction ceremony for incoming state board officers. How cool was it for Ally to "pass the torch" to her younger sister Ally! WOW! Talk about a Mother's pride...

My girls and their awards! 

We stopped at Calhoun's on the River in Knoxville on the way home. We gave everyone a "driving tour" of the University of Tennessee campus on the way out of town. It was a perfect ending to our trip. I am so thankful for trips like these where me and my girls have so much quality, bonding time with each other.