Saturday, September 22, 2012

The End of the Greenbrier

Awesome Chef and Author, Jeff Henderson. You need to click on the link and read his story. He was a super speaker and has a really cool success story. He gave us autographed copies of his cookbook. 
Look at my fire I built! Wouldn't Joe Sanderson be proud of me? 
Jud taking a call from the store while we are on our little hike around the Greenbrier. 
Scenes from our walk around the golf course. Some of these don't even look real! 
There were different little signs throughout the trail. Of course, I took pictures of ALL of them!

WOW! What a peaceful place to visit. If you ever get the chance to go, do not turn down the opportunity. You will really enjoy it! It is a great place to do some soul searching or take a few mental health days. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Beautiful Pictures

 Look at the main entrance to the Greenbrier. How beautiful is this place? It's even prettier in person believe it or not! Today was another gorgeous day. The temperature here was so perfect.
 This is the entrance closest to our cottage. Yes, this is a real, unedited photo.
 The doll house across the street from us. Sittie...this picture is for you.

The Greenbrier...A Bucket List Kind of Place

Day two at The Greenbrier has been even better than yesterday. I started feeling much better last night and I even ate a little solid food for dinner! Whoohoo! The picture above is of Judson and I going to the opening 
 last night. I took the picture of me below and sent it to the kids before we left so they would know I was finally "alive" again and feeling better. SCARY...I look JUST like my mother in this picture! 

These pictures are sites from the reception last night. It was such a gorgeous setting. The food of course was delicious! It was freezing by the end of the night...I am not was a welcome change from the HOT and HUMID temps at home!

 Look who we stumbled into as we were headed back to our cottage. Two very famous Chefs...Michael Ollier, the Certified Angus Beef chef, and Livio Ferigo, Executive Chef and owner of Bone Fish Bar & Grill in Bermuda. Michael Ollier has totally changed the way we do steaks in our home. One of our favorite recipes that he shares is the Pan Roasted Filet. You know me...I just HAD to take a picture with the two of them!

We went to the Casino for a few minutes after the dinner. I wormed my way out of there pretty quick. Judson, of course, stayed behind for a few minutes. When I got back to our cottage, look what I found on our coffee table! My first thought was, "Oh, Judson, you shouldn't have!". Then, I read the card. It was from the Greenbrier Manager, Jeff Kmiec!!! WOW! Talk about first rate customer service and listening to and knowing your customers. The Greenbrier has it figured out! I came home to fresh flowers (hydrangeas-my fave), saltines, ginger ale, freshly made chocolates and a sweet card from the manager. Can you believe that???? UNBELIEVABLE! We could ALL learn something from the staff here. They "aim to please". Imagine what the world would be like if we all truly listened to others.  I am thoroughly enjoying my visit here and everyone MUST add it to your bucket list.

*Side note to my kids* See...the POWER of your never know who is reading, listening, copying, watching you and your words, actions, texts, emails, etc. Read this except from my iMom newsletter about "words".
Loose Lips Sink Ships
Everyone has said things in their life they would like to take back. Mom was right. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Being honest is great. Being straight forward is also great. However, tactfulness and politeness are equally important. Teach your children to control their tongues. This one trait can take a person far in life. It’s called not burning bridges. 

*Okay...preaching is over now!*


Look at our cute cottage! It feels like home! We even had a roaring fire last night. I LOVE the smell of a REAL fire! I texted the pictures to the kids of where we were staying. First words out of Oney's mouth were...look at all of the bright colors!

My "smexy" husband. Not sure exactly what that means. Just heard one of the kids use it the other day in a positive way. I think it means "sexy"?

 Our oh so comfortable bedroom. I have slept late everyday! I have enjoyed being a "spouse" this trip and not a "worker"!

By the way, if you cannot tell from all the "self focused" blogging lately. I am on the countdown to my "40th birthday"! I have been trying to think of how I would like to spend that day, December 5, "celebrating"! If you have any suggestions for the perfect celebration, my ears are listening. I really can't process that just 

 Here are some of the sites around the Greenbrier from today. It is simply breathtaking! Such a relaxing, calm, soothing place to visit. This is a great place for corporate retreats! 

Did I tell you I had a truffle making class today with all of the spouses? Yep! I learned something new today! It was fun, too!


 Look at that form! I was actually very knowledgeable compared to the others in my group! Thank you deli bakery ladies!

 My mother-in-law and I are the two messiest humans in the kitchen ever! Look at the mess I made today!

Our fabulous Chef that taught us all about truffles! He was very patient and a lot of fun, too! I cannot find his name but he is the chocolatier at the Greenbrier.

Got to go...heading to dinner at The Forum! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Catching Up

The Greenbrier...Mental/Physical Health Week

Judson and I are attending a Certified Angus Beef Convention at The Greenbrier this week. This was a nice "perk trip" of being in the grocery business and we were looking forward to coming here to relax and unwind a bit. This was supposed to be a trip for ME to rest up and recharge! Boy did we start this trip off on a whirl...I came home from church Sunday with what has turned out to be the WORST stomach bug that I have EVER had...TGFP...thank goodness for phenegran! I don't now how or what I packed or how I made it on the plane...but we arrived last night! Look at the West Virginia sign...this pic is for my mother-in-law, Sandra, now I know where she gets it from..."Wild and Wonderful"...that describes her! 

As you can see from this photo, it was getting dark when we arrived last night. I will get a better picture today. This place is amazing! If you do not know the history, you should read up on it. It was built in "1778"!! Can you imagine the history of this place...if these walls could talk?

The picture above is of our "Cottage"! They made a mistake on our room booking, so they upgraded us to a cottage...SWEET! We have a fireplace...its so quaint! This is my view from our front porch. I am sitting in a rocking chair blogging. Am I doing good on my relaxing and slowing down this week or what? Aren't you proud of me? 

I am feeling much better today-not good, but better considering. Judson is golfing and I am sitting on my front porch of our cottage enjoying the AWESOME Fall weather. I LOVE the mountains in the Fall. Makes me wish I were back in college again at UT! 

These pictures are of the "symbolic" White Sulphur Spring Water. It is famous for healing, health and many people over the years have visited the Greenbrier just to get a touch of the water! I plan on checking it out at the spa this afternoon.

I took a brief walk around the grounds until my stomach started grumbling again. I hope I feel more like moving around tomorrow. I know this is corny, but as I walked I saw the leaves falling and acorns all over the place. Reminded me of my childhood. I think my sister, my cousins and me and my neighborhood friends spent many hours "cooking" and playing with acorns and mud! Those were the days! looking forward to catching up on a lot of blogging, rest and relaxation!