Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kenny Chesney

Judson and I went to the Kenny Chesney concert at Snowden Grove last Thursday evening. With, guess who, our "Frito Friends" Amy and Dana Bowen and Kate and Drew.  We had never been to Snowden Grove before...it is an outdoor amphitheatre. It was a neat idea but Kenny was way too big for that location.  It was a record crowd with record lines, record traffic, record chaos! We had tickets in the lawn section which was first come first served.  Needless to say, some people got there at noon and we lolly gagged in around 7:00:( We met up with some of our "Ripley Friends" and rode home with them on a large bus.  We all decided it would be best to helicopter in and out next time to avoid the traffic!

Ally dressed me tonight in her shirt! This was the first time but probably not the last that we shared clothes! I cannot believe my girls are that grown up!

 We also ran into Monnie and her family. We paused for a quick pic while we were standing in a LONG line!

Kenny performed with Uncle Kracker and Billy Currington. They were both pretty good, too!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bon Jovi

Whoo hoo! Judson and I went to the Bon Jovi Concert Thursday night with some grocery friends of ours, Dana and Amy Bowen. Bon Jovi was a blast from the past! We went for a quick bite at Sole. As we were sitting there eating dinner, we saw a firetruck pull up outside. We immediately thought of our friend James Hightower who is a fireman at the station on Third Street. So, in honor of James, I had to take a picture to text to him just to let him know we were thinking of him! (By the way, James went through the Academy with this guy who works at the St. Jude Station.)

Then we headed to the Fed Ex Forum for the concert. It was hilarious seeing a lot of the concert go-ers dressed in 80's attire not to mention their 80's hairstyles. 
Here are some pictures from the concert...

Did I tell you we saw my long lost friend LEIGH?

We had a great time with Dana and Amy as usual! We went back to the Sole Bar afterwards and we ran into Katie Hart...we love her! When they kicked us out of there (not really), we went to our room at the Westin and crashed. Friday morning came EARLY to say the least. I realized two things...that I am NOT 16 anymore and I sure am glad I am NOT!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jidi

We celebrated Jidi's 76th birthday last night with a delicious family dinner! BUT, before we celebrated we took FAMILY PICTURES with Phil Ramsey. WHEW...did he earn his money last night...he is so patient!

Actually, it wasn't as bad as we had all anticipated. Sittie has been orchestrating this whole night since December 23,2010.  It was good to have Jan in town. She came bearing gifts, more Myachis! I can't wait to see the pics, they are going to be great!

137th Kentucky Oaks and Derby

Every three years we are privileged enough to have the opportunity to buy tickets to the Kentucky Derby. This was our fourth year to go. As tradition goes, we pick a different group of friends to go with us each time.  We have a box with six seats in it. This year we took Ryan and Katie Hughes and Lori and Eric Regis. The races are at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The "most exciting two minutes in sports", as it is dubbed, is filled with tons of traditions. 

Friday, Oaks Day, was Pink out for Breast Cancer. We all agreed it was the most fun of our wardrobes! Even the guys had fun with it!  We paused for a picture with our Military Men in celebration of their very HUGE accomplishment last week-we have finally captured and killed Osama Bin Laden, the leader of Al Quaida. Katie is posing with "Nanny's" binoculars. Katie has a Kentucky/Equestrian background. So she was really excited to be at the Derby-just wished Mary Lou was alive to hear about it all!
Silly Boys Wear Hats

Eric was Mistaken as a Restaurant Employee

 Handsome Honeys

The Oaks saying, Fillies Run for the Lillies
The Derby, Thoroughbreds Run for the Roses

Vineyard Vines, the official sponsor of the Oaks and Derby this year.  We felt like we paid for this tractor! All of the men's ties came from there, my "Silks" blouse, their silks belts, etc. It made it that much more fun!

Headed to Dinner...Did I tell you that we were LATE every single night?
Derby Day Attire

Beautiful to Watch

Animal Kingdom, the Derby Winner, REALLY???

THANKS to our Great Uncle Fred and Aunt Margaret for introducing us to the Kentucky Derby. That was our Wedding gift from them-our first Derby was in 1997. Ally was conceived at that Derby! And thanks to his daughter and Son in Law, Aunt Pam and Uncle Bill for giving us the opportunity to buy into their box partnership at Churchill Downs. It is definitely something that we look forward to every three years (now every four).  Thanks to our friends for all of the neat treats/gifts that weekend and for making it a Derby to remember!

Wrapping It Up

Believe it or not, we are wrapping the school year up. I can't believe that I will have an 8th, 7th and 4th grader in the Fall.  I am so proud of all three of them and their hard work this year. These last couple of weeks have been extremely busy...Coon Supper, Easter, Tornadoes, Floods, Vegas, Derby, birthday parties, planning our Summer Camps, etc. We are really looking forward to the Lake this Summer. I think the kids crave the "simple life" as much as Judson and I do...it is so much easier there. 

The past few weeks have been devastating in the South. We have had record numbers of tornadoes, power outages, torrential rains, floodings, etc.  I drove the kids to Downtown Memphis to look at the Mississippi River. It crested at 47.9 feet...the highest since 1937! It was amazing! Really something to see.

I am especially proud of my girls for stepping into their leadership roles this year.  They are both involved in BETA Club, Student Council Officers, attending leadership retreats, etc.  They are really maturing.

So, Monday marks the last week of this school year! Ready or not!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So Behind

Okay...Abby is really fussing at me...I haven't updated in a long time. Guess why??? We are "On The Go"!  I am going to try to do some catch up posts this weekend, but until then this will have to do.

We attended the 137th Kentucky Derby this past weekend. I will do a complete account of it all this weekend, but here is a sneak peak of the action!

Our group, the Regis and the Hughes.  The Oaks Day was a Pink Out for breast cancer. Cute, huh?
REAL Men wear PINK...so they say! Judson went for everything except for the bow tie!

Finally, we found someone that could take a picture with our heads and our bodies in the frame! This was the first time Judson has worn a hat!

Dinner at Ruth Chris...a MUST do at the Derby...a Naifeh Tradition!

Derby Day...we all agreed the PINKOUT was MUCH more fun than Derby Day clothes. 

For now, that's all I have. Judson is out of town in Vegas with his golfing group. Yes, I did laundry Sunday night to pack him for a flight Monday morning. I have a sweet girl in my bed tonight. As tradition goes, when Dad is out of town, everyone gets a night in bed with Mom. 

Did I tell you we were on the go?