Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fish Fry

Not many pictures to post at all, but what a great night. Jena and Will had us for Easter night at their shop. We had the best fish fry ever! We ended our Christmas get together a few years ago with this part of our family. It had just gotten so hard for everyone to make it. I like getting together throughout the year so much better! It is much more enjoyable rather than just checking an event off of your list. 

Anyway, we really enjoyed it. The kids did as well. Jena was such a gracious hostess. She and Will have a neat place to entertain. This picture of Carson and Oney reminds me so much of me and Monnie at that age...full of mischief and raring to go! 

He Is Risen! Indeed He Is!

We hosted our families for Easter Lunch this year. We really enjoyed the preparations as a family. It was a collaboration of all five of us. It has been awhile since we had the Holiday meal and it was nice for the Mom and Mom in Law and Sister to get a break! I need to give a shout out to Abby for coordinating every one's "Easter Frock" as my Mother always says. She is really into fashion lately and she is good at it! Look at the cute dresses she ordered for the girls to wear...I couldn't believe the girls wanted me to dress like them. We had SO MUCH FUN with that Thanks, Abby! She also helped me iron the boys outfits and lay out every ones clothes the night before Easter morning. I remember my Mom ALWAYS laid out our Church clothes on Saturday nights. She always polished my white shoes, too! We always had a new dress, hat, gloves, shoes, socks, jewelry and purse for Easter Sunday! Memories...

The boys looked awesome in their pinks and blues. 

I love fresh flowers and anytime I have an excuse, I have them in the house! 

My dining room festive!

Abby has really been into helping me in the kitchen. She is a good little cook. This is a picture of her making her Easter cake. It turned out really cute. Her Dad helped out by mixing the pink and blue icing to make purple. He had to leave his mark on something! 

Yes! The Easter Bunny found us! We were a little concerned. We are always at the Lake on Easter. We decided to stay in Covington this year so that it would be easier on Mee-Maw. 

Easter Bunny traditions...Dinstuhl's Chocolates, sunglasses, magazines or books, money in hidden eggs, water guns or goggles, jelly beans, etc. 

My support crew in the kitchen. We went to the early service as usual and then came back and hit it hard in the kitchen. I really don't think I could have done it without the girls help. They are really good help (when they want to be)! 

We set up the tripod and our camera and had a photo shoot before everyone got there. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! IT WAS THE MOST STRESS FREE PICTURE TAKING OUR FAMILY HAS EVER EXPERIENCED! I think we have started a new tradition! 

A family that plays together, stays together! 

 Mom, the shrimp in the family! 
 Having fun!
 Dad and his daughters. 
 Mom and her baby boy. 

 The niece and nephew. 
 Silly Britt and Oney.
 Mee-Maw and her daughter, granddaughters and great grand daughters. 
 The kids favorite...deviled eggs. Their creation...with or without relish! 
 A sign of a great meal...napping all over the house! Blessed this Easter!

 Thankful for my help cleaning the kitchen after that big meal! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...Great Life

Today is Good Friday and boy do I have a GREAT Life! Just watching my kids today with the Beasley kids just made me realize just how lucky we all are in so many ways. I am counting my many blessings bestowed on me and my family this GREAT FRIDAY! 

Oney and Addey dying their Easter eggs. They are so close! Oney just loves AG! 

I was changing out a picture in a frame and looked what I came across. I always leave the old pictures underneath so that I can look back throughout the years. WOW! My family has changed...a lot! 

A few of the kiddo's eggs...look at Oney's "scuba diver". He was so proud of it. 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prom-Not to be Confused with "The Prom"

When I was in high school, we called it "The Prom". Today's proper terminology is "Prom". I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but to a teenager, whoa!!! If I have been corrected once in the past month, I have been corrected at least 500 times!!!

Yes, Ally was invited to go to the Junior/Senior PROM at TRA with Jeffrey Glass. His Grandmother, Judy Glass, is our neighbor. He is in the neighborhood a lot and he and Ally have become good friends! He is a really sweet young man.

Ally looked AMAZING! I just can't believe how beautiful she and Abby have become. They have ALWAYS been pretty girls (I may be a little biased), but they have REALLY developed into gorgeous young women! They are so full of life and excitement! Oh, to be young again...or not! 

Abby and Oney were very proud of their sister...can you tell?

Sittie and Jidi came by for a quick picture! 

Ally and Maddye took some pictures together...she is such a sweet, beautiful girl too! 

Ally and her second sister, Taylor! They didn't go together, but they met up once they got to prom. All in all I think Ally had a fun time. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Go Grizz

Great family night tonight! We ate dinner at the Rendezvous...which was a lot of fun! As you can tell from this picture, I have to sneak a picture sometimes or my family  rebels! 

Then we went to the FedEx Forum to watch the Memphis Grizzlies play. We always enjoy those games! 

Oney had to stop and take a picture on this Hydratrek on the way into the Forum. These are the coolest amphibious they are made in Covington by a really neat family!

Somebody still likes having his picture made! 

Great halftime entertainment! 

Father/Son taking it all in...

On the way out the door, we took this for Uncle Jay! 

Of course, we made a pit stop at Baskin Robins on the way home! Look at Dad's cone, Mint Chocolate chip, as always! Great fun tonight!