Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Life As I Now Know It

Let me start out by saying that I am VERY FORTUNATE. I have a beautiful, healthy, happy family and we have all that we need. Now, I know how BLESSED my family is and I know that I shouldn't complain about anything at all. That being said...whew! I just wish I could SLOW DOWN my LIFE right now! It is moving at such a fast pace and I do not see it slowing down anytime in the near future! I am blogging from the car while Oney is warming up for his football game tonight. Crazy, huh?

I just started a Bible study at my church, the Serenity Prayer. Boy is that prayer a necessary part of my daily life right now. Here is the prayer...

I am struggling with a few of the lines in this prayer but I am working on it...line by line!

I saw this somewhere the other day and this is exactly how I feel by Friday each week. I literally do not think I could make it another day during the week. Between school work, carpool, football practice, football games, golf practice, golf matches, laundry, meals, work, there is not a minute to spare! 

I took the picture below last week when I was unloading the car after a "typical" school day. A quick inventory...1 football helmet, 1 set of football pads, 1 pair of cleats, 3 school backpacks, 3 apple laptops, 2 sets of golf clubs, 2 pair of golf shoes, 3 changes of clothes for after school, a "Barney Bag" (emergency on the road items-band aids, wipes, ace bandages, ice packs, Advil, etc), a cooler with drinks, a snack bag, and Lord only knows what else!

Here is a snapshot of the laundry hanging to dry at our house...uniforms!

Well, this is my life as I know it for the time being! I LOVE my children and husband. What better way could I be spending my time than running and doing for and with them? I am learning to let things go and just take it one day at a time...BOY IS THAT HARD FOR ME! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All About Oney

These are just some random pictures of Oney that I took with my iPhone. He is always in motion and these pictures show just a few of the things that he enjoys doing when we are just hanging at home or the lake.

Oney & Porter Hughes at the Lake

Oney & His Jidi riding around on the cart cart together

Oney at our neighbor's, Mr. Charlie Glass
Oney spends HOURS here with Jeffrey his partner in crime!

Oney at our other neighbor's, Mr. Breck, after having dinner one night
He also spends many an hour at this house! 

Oney introducing the speaker at the first chapel in our new PAC (Performing Arts Center). 

Ms MaryLou

Wouldn't Ms Marylou be proud? Katie was at school this week having lunch with one of her boys and she snapped this picture. This bronze is part of her Memorial at TRA. Boy I sure wish she could see her handsome and beautiful grand kids now! I know she would be proud! 

Monday, August 27, 2012


I believe the Summer has finally caught up with all of us...well, the Naifeh women that is...the men are still kicking as usual! Judson and Oney are like the energizer batteries...they keep going and going and going! 

Ally sleeping like she always does - mouth wide open and eyes peeking open! 

Abby sleeping like she always does - head tilted to the left under her hand!

Even the dog was worn out. We found Biggs on the back porch sleeping like this twice last week.

Look at me...I got the kids off to school and went right back to bed! I think I could go to bed and not get out for about 72 hours if someone would let me! I do NOT see that happening anytime soon! Judson snapped this picture when he left for work...I was in a deep sleep.

New York City...Can I please go home?

TONS to blog time to blog...someday I will catch up! I have too many pictures and stories to share. Until then, here is a picture from our trip to NYC this past weekend!

New York, New York

It was finally the BOYS turn to go to New York. The girls did their 10 year birthday a couple of years ago and the boys have been anticipating their trip since then. After going to Europe this Summer, we were all prepped and ready to go. We owe it all to Aunt Jan for being our planner and tour guide for the weekend. She is so good at it. She didn't leave anything left undone. We saw more sights than some of the locals have seen I believe! 

Since the Naifeh's and Shdeed's ancestors both came to this country through Ellis Island, this trip had a special meaning to the boys. They were at the perfect age to soak it all in and appreciate their heritage. 

Just like the girls, the boys loved the sights in Times Square. We took a million pictures with the characters. I think the boys were trying to see if they could outdo the girls! 

I love this picture of the boys and their Aunt Jan. Look at that amazing Statue of Liberty in the background. What a beautiful sight it must have been when Oney and William came to America! 

Here we were in Battery Park, taking some candids. The boys had fun with the Statue. By the time we made it to the doors of Ellis Island, we could hardly hold them back. They couldn't wait to find "their" names on the wall of immigrants. They were really touched by the sad stories of poverty, bad health, leaving everyone and everything behind to go for the American Dream. They had a new appreciation for their freedoms and privileges for a minute anyway! 

Look at my handsome young man. WOW, he is really growing up on me. This picture was taken at Ground Zero. I could write for many more days about this trip-actually I did. I did a book on our trip. It was a wonderful, memorable weekend. Thanks to our Sittie and Jidi for taking us and making the effort. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girls Gone Golfing

TRA High School Girls Golf Team
Abby (8th grade), Ally (9th grade), Margret (9th grade)

There is a tradition for the TRA golf team to participate in the Pickwick Golf tournament each year. Well, it is a "boys" tradition anyway. Last year, I recommended to our coach that the girls be invited. I agreed to be the hostess with the mostest if he would include the girls! Be careful what you ask for! He included the girls and also asked me to be the hostest for a fun filled action packed weekend at the Lake! No problem except for the fact that I already had a plane ticket booked for NYC! Yep! You guessed it! SUPER DAD to the rescue! Judson stepped in and played the role of Momma, Daddy, Cook, Chauffeur, Housekeeper, Captain, Golf Pro, well you get the idea! A man of many hats!

 The picture above was taken right after my sweet Abby had dropped the key to the four wheeler in the Lake! BELIEVE IT OR NOT...Super Dad never lost his cool with Abby. He knew it was an accident and just had the Coach tow him back to the house without a foul word! I wish I could have been there! To add to his stress, he only fed 25 kids and parents dinner at our house that night! WOW! What a Dad and Husband! Not many would do what he did for the weekend...thanks Judson!

Kids floating in the Lake after a day of swimming and jumping off the dock at Das's! 

Abby's new golf friends from Memphis! Both girls had a great time and said their Dad did a fine job entertaining the group! I am looking forward to doing my part next year!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Abby Goes to Nashville!

Abby, being the West TN Area Representative for the State of TN Student Council Board, has to attend several meetings throughout the year in and around Nashville. She had her first official meeting at the state park right outside of Nashville. Of course, we had to tie in a visit to Aunt Jan! Abby was able to spend the night with Aunt Jan on Friday night, do some serious shopping, veg a little bit, and head to her meeting Saturday morning. 

Abby being silly while we were shopping! 

A Nashville tradition (yes, I just got a pedicure with Ally two weeks ago)...pedicures!

You have to be quick on the trigger to get a candid shot of Abby these days. This is her when we were making a mad dash to Green Hills Mall. After we dropped Abby off at her meeting, Jan and I went to a birthday party for a friend of hers. Then, we had dinner at my new favorite place, one of the M Street restaurants. I LOVE going there with Jan...Awesome time!

Abby pictured with her "Executive Board" friends. She left her retreat motivated and ready to take on the world! Gotta LOVE it!