Thursday, May 31, 2012

I Don't Want this Night to End!

Luke Bryan

Tailgates and Tanlines Tour

OK, so here is how this all transpired. Ally tells me late one Friday night, that she just saw on Twitter that Luke Bryan had opened up a last minute concert in Corinth, MS. The tickets would go on sale the next Saturday morning at 10:00am. She says, "Mom, that's close to Pickwick. Can we get tickets and go"? I said, "Sure Ally. Set your alarm and we will try to get online and buy them in the morning". Knowing Ally like I do, and the fact that she NEVER sets an alarm for ANYTHING, I figured that was the end of that. Boy was I wrong!

She comes into the den the next morning ready to get on the computer. We all three, Me, Ally & Abby, log onto different computers and try to get the best seats possible. Ally wanted seats in the "GA Pit" (general admission pit) but there weren't any left. We all three bought 8 tickets each on the floor. Then we got Judson to log on,too. He was able to grab another 8 in our section. We got on the phone real quick and The Sanfords and Regis's said they wanted to go. We kept trying to "refresh" our computer and get pit seats but none were available. Just as I was getting ready to put it to bed, I got 8 GA Pit seats in my cart. Then Ally, Abby and Judson...the rest is history!

We ended up with 60 Luke Bryan Concert Tickets!!! Judson said what the H#LL are you going to do with 60 tickets? I said, hmmm, lets rent a bus, invite friends to Pickwick and make a weekend of it! And that we did! WOW...hands down...the absolute BEST concert I have EVER been to...and I've seen some performers! Luke Bryan sure knows how to SHAKE IT!

The girls and I had to get pedis and manis before the concert! I remember the days when I used to have to MAKE Ally go with me and Abby! Boy, things have changed!

Our big bus! We had the nicest driver, Phil. We weren't sure he had a very strong pulse and thought he might fall out dead before the end of the night, but he made it! Seriously, I think he was about 90 years old. We just wanted to set a good example for our kids because we knew we would be drinking and didn't want to drive. After the concert, we were stuck in traffic for an hour because of a sobriety checkpoint! WOW....we knew we were doing the right thing! You just hope those things stick in your kids heads for life!

I LOVE this...saw it on Pinterest after the concert! Boy did Luke shake it that night! He makes my speakers go boom boom!

WOW! He definitely knows how to work the crowd!!!

Judson trying to play the part of Luke!

The "kids" on the bus. Good looking group!

Up close and personal! He could possibly be my second husband!
After we sat in traffic for what seemed like FOREVER, we were all STARVING! We all came back to our house and look who was our personal chef...none other than James Hightower! We had the best omelets ever! Thanks James for feeding us all!

This was a scary site...Ally and AJ driving their parents cars all around Pickwick! They actually are pretty good drivers...maybe better than their Mommas.

Mary Leslie and Oney at the concert.

Lexie, Mary Leslie,Oney and Ryan having a good time.

The "Little" brother and sisters...hanging out on the boat at the waterfall.

Scary site to a Momma and Daddy's eyes! WOW...where is my "Sumo wrestler baby"? Seriously, these are two beautiful, sweet, smart, talented young women.

D and Gena taking a cruise on the Sea Doo.

Hanging out on Slippin' Away

The Dads...talking about building a bonfire. It was unseasonably cool all weekend. We actually wore sweatshirts most of the day on the Lake!

D serving lunch to the masses! Boy these kids can EAT some food!

Oney and Joze tubing with the Regis boat.

These two are now known as "partners in crime".

Just a swinging at the waterfall! Good times just hanging together.

The "big" kids hanging out.

I have a billion more pictures I could post! When I get caught up on blogging, I will try to come back and add a few more to this post. It was a perfect weekend with friends not to mention the performance by Luke Bryan!

We did it, Ally!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day at the Lake

We spent Memorial Day at Pickwick, of course! It was a great weekend. The weather was nice and we had most of our friends and family in town. What more could you ask for? The picture below is a snapshot of my beautiful pink hydrangeas at the lake. I planted these the second year we had the house. They have just thrived from day one. I have tried and tried to grow some at home that are half this pretty with no such luck! We (the kids and I) love to share them with our neighbors each year.

One of the kids snapped this and I thought I would post it as a remembrance. Our house is on Rising Sun Lane. We have put it on the market in hopes that we can sell it and build again. Guess where...the same neighborhood! We love it there.

This shot of Judson is his typical lake routine...His cap and sunglasses  on, drink cushion, a cold beer, and floating and talking.

I can't believe how these four are changing...not babies anymore!

The fishermen and gardeners! Aunt Das and Uncle Rob have Oney to keep them from being empty nesters for very long!

Britt and Oney just hanging in the water!

My sweet friend Lo-Re...Lori Regis! She has such a sweet smile to match her sweet self!

Eating out at guess where??? Pickwick Pizza..."THE" place to eat in Pickwick...especially on Friday nights! Katie, me and Lori!

Me and Kerry at the pizza place the night before! Yep...we went twice in one weekend! Sometimes its not about the food but the fellowship!

Oney came home and went to Sittie's house to hangout for a bit. He and Sittie went to put some fresh flowers and flags on his namesake's, Oney Joseph Naifeh, his great grandfather's tombstone.

Last but not least, all of the kids on the boat were given stickers by a Alabama Wildlife Resources Officer. He was complimenting them for following the rules and being safe boaters by wearing their lifejackets.

Thankful for another safe, fun weekend at the Lake with family and friends. We are greatful to those that have served our country and made such huge sacrifices for our freedoms.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Farewell to Jason

Today was a bittersweet day at our church. We bid farewell to our youth director who has been at our church for the past three years. We are excited for him...he gets to go back closer to home and he is engaged to be married! But sad for us...

It is hard for me to think that the next youth director we have will probably be my girls' last! They will more than likely be heading off to college when the next change happens...WOW! Hard to grasp!

We are fortunate to participate in a service out of Nashville that helps find placements for new youth directors. We already have a new director. He is also from Birmingham. He is 26 years old and recently engaged to be married! Very similar to Jason! He will be here in the next month or so.

We wish Jason all the best and look forward to getting to know our new person.

Friday, May 18, 2012

And Were Off...Summer Starts!

Our first weekend at the lake...what a beautiful site! 

Abby riding on the wave runner...
Oney water skiing at Alabama Island...
Like Father like Son...he water skis JUST like his DADDY!
Our Lake house...and The Williams/Roane's Lake house...looking good! 

Last Day of School

Wow! I can NOT believe that another school year has come and gone! Each year gets faster and faster. I can remember my Grandmother saying...the older you get the faster the time passes. Boy was Grandmother right.

This Fall when school starts back, I will have a child in EVERY building at TRA, Elementary, Middle and High School! Talk about being spread a little thin. I cannot believe that I am old enough to have a high schooler or that I am old enough for my baby to be in the last year of Elementary school. We are going to enjoy EVERY single minute of this Summer!

I didn't take a picture of all three of the kids today. I will post one this weekend though. My girls are both taller than me now!

Ms. Susan asked Oney to do a very special task at TRA this week. He said the opening prayer at Awards Day today. I was so very proud of him! I think she was too!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Morgan's Babies...Ayden & Sydney

Miss Sydney Davanzo and Mr. Ayden Davanzo

You know that you are getting old when your babysitters are having babies and your children are old enough to babysit their baby sitter's kids! Well that's me! Morgan Stitt Davanzo just had her first baby...a precious little girl named Sydney!!! She is absolutely perfect and beautiful!!!

Morgan and her family have been in Covington visiting for a few weeks. We had Ayden over to play and swim so that Morgan could have a tiny break. He is such a sweetheart! I think he had fun-I know we did!