Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Party Planning

Friday, July 18, 2014

Trip to Florence

Judson saying, "Are we REALLY going to Florence on the boat in this weather"? You KNOW we could go in the car, right?

Tim did an AWESOME job as our Captain!!!

Jud trying to stay warm and dry...NOT happening!

Me working it for a cute TN hat! 
Tim, the Doctor, snapping Judson's finger back into place.

Boating back to Pickwick. Much better weather than on the way to Florence.

Good friends, good times, and good jello shots.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Just a few totally random pics that I didn't want to get left out of my book for 2014.

While I am out of town, I get this snapchat. Nothing makes me prouder than for the kids to bond with their Daddy while I am gone. We all know that most kids prefer their Mother for "most" things. So, whenever they can have moments like this it is PRICELESS. 

Jud really is asleep and Ally really is laying on the couch with him!

One of the fun days at the lake this Summer. That is, until, the "accident" happened. The boys leaned too far to one direction and the flipped the Sea Doo over. They pulled back up to the boat and Oney busted out crying. He was so upset, scared, afraid, mad, etc. His new iPhone took a swim and was ruined. I immediately assured all three boys-as long as you all are OK then all is well!!!

I love this sign at the rib cage in Pickwick. You have to read the fine print!

Have no idea the story behind this one. 

The awesome porch on the kids level. I love the bright colors and the ferns of course. 

As Ally and Abby were driving to the lake this Summer (by themselves), they had a flat tire. I, like any other Mom, was immediately in panic mode. They were driving through Somerville after working out with their basketball coach. Ally was SO RESPONSIBLE. She got on her phone and found Fayette Tires and Services. She called and asked if they could help her out. They said yes. She went there and explained her situation. They got her back on the road in about 20 minutes and insisted on not charging her. She tipped the man and thanked him. This was a very proud moment for her Dad and I. So, if you need some auto work in Fayette, be sure to stop in and give them a try. They are awesome in my book.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Typical Monday at the Naifeh's

Only a few words needed here...

Father and Son shoot rabbit from back porch. 

Son runs and grabs dead rabbit and chases after sister with it. 

Sister runs hysterically screaming and laughing the whole way. 

Father and Son are so proud of themselves. Mom tries to keep the peace. 

The End. Happy Monday at the Naifehs.