Monday, April 30, 2012

Jud Goes to Vegas...AGAIN?

The joke with our friends is that Judson has a time share in Las Vegas because he goes so much...I am beginning to wonder myself! He went with his annual golfing grocery group. He has been every year now for about 15 years. He looks forward to it EVERY year. I do not blame him either. I LOVE Las Vegas. It is one of my favorite places to go with him. They have everything...good food, good shopping, entertainment, great spas, etc. We met this pool girl, "Liz",when we went to the ACM's a few weeks ago. We told her to look for Judson...well guess what...she didn't forget could she??? 

Judson and I went shopping for him some new "stylish" golf gear this year. He really has some pressure from his high society clothing guru friends Eric and Ryan. I think he looks great here...he even bought himself a white golf belt. WOW...Jud is stepping out a bit!

This is Judson's new Sanderson Salesperson, Brian Schmoekel. He took Dan Stokes place when Dan retired a few months ago. This was his first time in Vegas. Another Vegas Virgin...not a good thing I'm afraid...

This year I was especially sad when he went to Vegas without me. I usually look forward to our little break from each other each year but this year not so much. Why? He was supposed to go to DC with Ally on her 8th grade trip...instead I went. That's another post.

I know Judson had a good time...he lost his voice, he won a little money, he never called, texted or emailed, he fell asleep during another Bucket List show event, he came home quiet and exhausted! All signs of a good trip.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Three of First United Methodist Church of Covington, Tennessee's newest and sharpest members! A detailed post to come...but I just had to put this up.

I am so proud of Abby for being confirmed in the Church on Sunday! I am proud of the entire group! I have tons more pictures and a longer post to write. This will have to do for now.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Sweet Abby

Abby completed the Confirmation class last week. Tim, our Minister, does a very thorough job with this Sacrament. The kids have attended numerous classes, completed readings at home, visited a Jewish Synagogue, a Catholic Cathedral, attended a weekend retreat, etc. I really feel like they have a very thorough understanding of their commitment/profession of Faith. How BEAUTIFUL is my sweet Abby in these pictures?

These pictures are from the weekend retreat that Abby went on to Pinson Mounds State Park. We met her there for a closing ceremony on Sunday. They had a weekend packed full of activities preparing them for their decisions/commitments that they would be making to the Lord and our Church.

Abby absolutely adored her mentor, Robin Racine. They really hit it off from the start. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication of time and love to Abby. She is such a great person!

Since Sittie celebrated her 70th birthday just a few days ago, we had a few special guests in town as well. Tish, Aunt Cindy and Aunt Nancy. Abby felt extra special having them attend her confirmation.

THANKS to Sittie, Ginny, Aunt Jan, and Daph for preparing all of the food for the meal. It was delicious. I know Abby loved EVERY minute of it.

Abby...Dad and I are so PROUD of you. You have made us so proud thus far. Please keep up the wise decisions and continue to follow the right paths.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sittie is Seventy

Happy 70th Birthday to my wonderful Mother in Law, Sandra! We all love to give her grief at times. But, we all know how lost we would be without her love and support! She is so good to me and my children. She is always thinking of ways to help others. She is the most unselfish woman I know. Thanks to you Sittie! We hope you have the best birthday ever!

Sittie with "THE GIRLS". She has called them that since the days she used to drive them to Mother's Day Out at Christ United for me.

Judson grilled for everyone on Friday night! Lisa stopped by for a quick cocktail. 

We went to lunch at Marlo's. It was a lot of fun.

Sittie with her Sisters and Jan and me. 

Mother and Daughter

Sittie's cake! 

Sittie's best present ever...her niece Tish surprised her and flew in for the weekend! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Breaking News...Pat Summitt Resigns

Such a sad day for the University of Tennessee. This is a screen shot of a breaking news notification that popped up on my phone. Coach Summitt was diagnosed with early stages of dementia in the late Summer of 2011. She forever changed women's basketball and left numerous marks on the University of Tennessee. She is such a class act and will be truly missed!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sonny Burlison, "Papa", "W.J.", William John Burlison, Sr., Ginny's Daddy, was so special to me! He called me his "Little Angel" and boy did he treat me like one! The picture above is of the newest "Sonni". I was so excited when Will and Jena decided to name their little girl after Papa. Will and Papa were very close as well, so it was no surprise that he would name a child after Papa.

Jena is the BEST Momma ever. She is such a hard worker, talented, smart, creative, etc. She is so sweet to include us in Sonni's life. She invited us to her first birthday party. Everything was adorable!

Look at Sonni eating her cake. She LOVED being able to dig into it! 

As you can tell from the picture above, Jena did not miss a single detail. Look at the washtub that Sonni took her bath in after she played in her cake! How precious is that photo? I think it looks just like Will at that age! So precious! We love you Sonni!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Wrap Up of 2011...I Did It...Finally!

Whooo hoooo! I did it...finally! I finished my last post of 2011. I can now print my first blog book. I must catchup very soon or this is going to become a stress factor for me. I LOVE to write/blog but I HATE being so behind! Check out my last posts for the year.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Margarita Thursday

We should have known we had a situation when we walked in Casa Mexicana and the server says, quote, "Senior Regis, three nights in a row?" Yep...I know what you are thinking...poor Lori! 

We also decided that their margaritas should come with a isn't enough and two is too many!  I was there but behind the camera as usual. The kids were sitting at a totally different table thank goodness!

For the record, Judson and Eric played golf today and started drinking margaritas EARLY that considering, they were in pretty good shape!

This was Judson about 5 seconds after we got home. He laid down to watch the news. Obviously, he didn't make it very long. We tried to leave him there for the night, but he woke up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Student Council Elections and Presidential Wrap Up

Its a wrap! Ally just wrapped up her year as Student Council President. I must say that she did a fine job! I am very proud of her. She has grown and learned from her mistakes. She has earned respect from her peers and her teachers/adviser's. I wouldn't change a thing and I don't think she would either! The picture below is of the parting gift the council gave her at her last meeting as Presiding President. How sweet!

On a bittersweet note, Abby and Anna Claire ran for Co-President this year and were defeated. They ran a very respectable, kind, hardworking, honest campaign. They were the WINNERS in mine and a lot of other people's books! I could NOT be more proud of the two of them! They learned some life lessons that were far better than any title of President. Like I told them..."President" doesn't make you the leading's what you give and do for your council! I KNOW they will make me proud this next year regardless of the outcome of this election. They are both sweet, smart, fine beautiful girls and I expect great things from them over this next year!

Their campaign slogan was...

Abby and Anna Claire...The Perfect Pair

I LOVE seeing them grow closer to each other. It reminds me so much of me and Kerry when we were kids! I know that they will be friends for life and that is immeasurable!

I actually thing they look alike in this picture at Abby's 13th party.


Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday at Pickwick

Happy Easter Sunday! What a beautiful day it was at Pickwick! We spent this Easter at the Lake like we have done in most years past. It is so nice and simple at the Lake. We always go to the little country church, Pickwick United Methodist. It reminds me so much of the church I grew up attending, Elm Grove United Methodist in Burlison. Great memories! The picture of the sunrise above reminds me of those early Sunday morning sunrise services that we always attended as a child. We were dressed to a "t" in our new Easter dresses, bonnets, purses, shoes, jewelry, corsages, name it and we had it! What a Mom!

As much as my family loves the contemporary early service that we now attend at home, I still believe it is important for them to be familiar with and visit a traditional service every once in awhile. The traditions of those services are an important part of their religion. The hymns, the formality, the reverence, etc. And just look who is on their prayer list...our own sweet little Lucy Krull! My kids were so proud to see that she had made it to the "Pickwick Church" prayer list.

After the early service, we went to Mom and Dad's for brunch. WOW! It was yummy! Of course, we all ate entirely too much. Boy it was good! Thanks Ginny for all of your preparation...I know how much time it takes! After we ate, we had an Easter Egg hunt with the "kids", Max, Britt, Ally, Abby and Oney. Yes...they all five hunted for eggs! It's amazing what a little cash in the eggs will do for a little motivation! It was serious! This picture is from the dye fest from the night before at Das's.

After brunch, some went fishing, reading, on a boat ride, etc. I took a nice afternoon nap! Sweet! For dinner, we had Jay, Kathryn, Jeanne Claire and Joseph over for burgers. The kids played outside. It was a nice end to a great weekend.

Oh, and Bubba Watson won the Masters! He was my personal favorite! Just read his profile information. Glad a good person took the green coat this year!

Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!