Friday, October 31, 2014

Three Amigos

Abby and her partners in crime (minus sweet Grace who we miss)...Anna Claire and Joze...the kids had a dress down day and planned this weeks out. Thanks to Chrissy Wakefield, Sewed UP, for making them happy for a day! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

"AL"Bron James and Her Cavs

I am really not sure what her fascination is with LeBron James OR what possessed her to do this I am working diligently in my office today, my phone whistles at me notifying me of a text. It is one of Ally's friends asking me if I have seen the picture of her on Twitter. I sort of held my breath and said no and immediately checked her Twitter....this is what I see..."AlBron"...ahahhahaha! She sure LOVES her basketball! Nice arms Ally!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

St. Jude Garden Harvest

We were lucky enough to be a part of the fourth annual St. Jude Garden Harvest this year. Our college friends, Jimmy and Lucy, invited us to join them at their table. This was our first year to attend the event which was described as being "a foodie’s dream".
This year’s theme was the 100 Mile Dinner, meaning all ingredients were from within 100 miles of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital campus in Memphis. Lisa Ellis does an outstanding job at every event she has her hand on...the afternoon was a lot of fun in spite of the scorching temperatures. It was miserably HOT. 
The Chairmen of the Event were Mr. Scott Vogel, Dr. Fred Azar, Mr. Wes Kraker and Mr. Jimmy Naifeh! 
Do I look a little HOT? Yes, I am...But how COOL is this picture with St. Jude in the background? 
Judson's parents rode to Memphis with us and we enjoyed having some quality time with them outside of the store. 
Richard Shadyac, CEO of ALSAC, gave a moving speech about the fundraising efforts necessary to operate the hospital on a daily basis. A St Jude "Mom" also spoke about her son's journey at the hospital and of course it was very emotional and moving. WOW! These families are simply AMAZING and deserve the WORLD after their struggles. How could you not be a "St. Jude Fan" after hearing these stories? 
This actually was an iron standout on our table for the centerpiece, but as I listened to the Mother tell her story, this image with the hospital in the background just caught my eye. Precious. 

 Everybody LOVES Wes Kraker! 

I ADORE this picture of us!!! Jimmy was in our wedding and has remained a great friend to us both. We may not see each other very often, but when we do, we all four pick right up where we left off! THANKS Jimmy and Lucy for the invitation! 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Halloween

So I guess Judson and I played the role of the kids this year for Halloween. We have always loved dressing up since the days of our annual Halloween party. The kids didn't dress up at all this year. But, oh did their parents! The CCC had a party and a costume contest. We WON first place!!! Ha! Can you believe it? It was pretty funny! We had our outfits from when we visited Dubai a couple years ago.  Ally looked on pinterest and figured out how to make me a "bomb" with candles and wire and an old flip phone! Hilarious! Judson said all night that I was "the bomb"! 

Me and Ms Margret Click, Will's mom. Will has become my stepson-he works at the store and I just I love ❤️ him. Such a gentleman!
Me and Anna Laura's sister, Hogan, aka pocohontas. 
This was "late night" after we knew we were winners and we had consumed many beverages. A little celebratory! 

Morgan and Chris awesome are they??? WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous! 
Winner Winner!
This one is my personal favorite. We look pretty darn real in this picture!!!!!!

We had so much fun dressing up that weekend that we decided to dress up with the store employees on Halloween. Judson was an illegal immigrant running for the border and I was border patrol. Oh, how we keep our customers in stitches! They never know what to expect. 

I don't think we will ever "grow up"! A couple that plays together, stays together! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Thoughts and prayers with Kim and her girls, Logan and Avery, tonight. God give her strength and wisdom. Jake was found dead at his parents on Sunday. He went there to hunt and after being missed for a bit he was found shot. God give them peace and comfort them. I grew up in Covington with Kim and have always tried to keep in touch. We had fun with them at the Lake just this Summer. They were such a sweet, smart, athletic, fun, beautiful,Christian, family. Jake was a positive influence on many kids. 

Twitter was flooded was kind words and quotes about the Coach! 

The students at his current school gathered around the football field. Wow! 

I just found this pic on my phone from Greg's wedding! None of us girls ever passed on taking our pic with handsome Jake:) We joked with Kim that night saying we would take good care of him since she couldn't be there! will be missed, as a husband, a father, a son, a son in law, a coach, a teacher, a friend , a mentor, a neighbor, you WILL BE MISSED! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Orange in Oxford

Sunday, October 5, 2014

A Day Spent in the Kitchen

After spending ALL Sunday in the kitchen, I realized why I just don't enjoy cooking anymore. Cooking, and doing it right, takes time and patience, and a calm and clear head. I don't have ANY of those things anymore! I know its just a stage of life that we are in and it will be over before I know it and there will be something else to fret about. Oh well!

Judson cooked his famous ribs on his Big Green Egg. They were amazing!

My potato casserole...I forgot to take a picture after I cooked it. 
Baked beans...Jud's favorite...before they went in the oven.
Baked cinnamon apples...a Fall favorite!
Cupcakes hot out of the oven...before they were iced.
My newest experiment-Bananas Foster!!! This was fun. 
Judson lit the bananas up with his new little torch toy from Home Depot. 

A bowl of ice cream and Bannas Foster on top...mmmmmm! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Checker Neyland...Go Vols!!!

Lil Jon...The Vols Newest Biggest Fan! 

Look who made it on game day....non other than a former TRA student...Austin Chambers!
How cool is this? The power of social media...the fans coordinated their clothes-orange and white- to transform the entire Neyland Stadium crowd into an orange and white checkerboard! Oh how proud I was of my alma mater! I really feel like Butch is going to finally get us back on the radar of college football. Man its been a long time. 

We didn't beat Florida,again. BUT, we won in the eyes and hearts of LOTS of football fans across the country. After the UT game, we watched THE GAME of the YEAR...Ole Miss upset number 1 Alabama!!! WOW! I know the Grove was insane!