Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Ally

Happy 14th Birthday Ally!

Since we celebrate the kids 13th with a BIG party...we do not do too much for their 14th. We decided last minute to go to the new Japanese restaurant in town called Kissho. It was very good! We surprised Ally and invited Taylor and Madison. We had a great time and the food was delish! It is nice to have another option in town besides Mexican! 

We made Ally's cake like a drum since she is into her drum set that she got from Santa. It turned out real cute! She loved it so that was nice. 

Addey Grace had to come, too! She and Oney are such good friends. Actually, more like brothers and sisters. She is such a sweet girl and they play really well together. 

Happy Birthday to my girl...Ally!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Playing Catchup

Trying desperately to catchup and finish 2011 so that I can print my FIRST annual blog book! Here are links to recent posts that I completed for 2011. Bear with me...I am going to try to start posting on current posts and then just go backwards as time permits. Otherwise, I am afraid I will get so behind in 2012 that I will never catch up!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday Abby

We celebrated Abby's 13th birthday with Rockin' Robin DJs at the Covington Country Club with a few of her favorite friends! After a year of anticipation, she was more than ready to celebrate! She had the party details down to a "t". That is one of the advantages of following behind a big sister. She gets to observe what Ally does (right and wrong) and hopefully learn from it. One thing is for sure, it was HER night and she enjoyed every single minute of it! 

Abby with her proud Sittie and Jidi

Abby with her sparkler "13" candles on her fabulous cake. She came up with her design and I think it turned out really cute and sassy...just like my Abigail Lane. 

Me and my Abby

Abby dancing with her Jidi...he can dance just like his Father, Oney could! They will both remember that forever...sweet memories! 

Oney LOVED the party. He and Lexie danced all night long. He can't wait to turn 13. 

Abby and her girls. They all came over for a sleepover afterwards. There were giggles and squeals all night. I love having a house full of kids to sleepover. Granted, I like for them to go home eventually. I just feel close to these girls...we have had some fun times together. 

The gang! 

Sisters...makes their Mom very proud! 

Abby definitely in her "groove" in this picture! Leading the dance floor with her moves, cute smile and singing! 

Abby and her VERY VERY PROUD Daddy...
He is turning out to be one protective father with his "little girls"...Thanks Abby for giving us 13 wonderful years as our daughter...we can't wait to see you at your 16th! We LOVE you Abigail Lane!

Friday, January 6, 2012

SURPRISE....Happy 40th Birthday Judson...GOTCHA!

Oh me oh my...I have survived these past few weeks and he didn't find out!!!!

I planned a 40th Surprise party weekend at the lake for my sweet hubby! It has been so stressful trying to keep secrets from him. I could never ever cheat on my spouse even if I wanted to...I would have a nervous breakdown! 

So, as I am waiting for him to come home from work to leave town for the weekend, I had to have a cold beer in private celebration of my accomplishment! I pulled it off! Yippee!

The look on Judson's face when he realized we were not going to a Saint's game, rather I had a big surprise for him...PRICELESS!

Quote, "I smell food", as we walked into Daph and Rob's to kick off our weekend long celebration with friends and family. 

How appropriate were his cups? I think I did pretty darn good! He loved celebrating, "Me".

Brad and Eric said, "Don't be a hater", Judson's line of the week!

We all went 4 wheeling and mudding on Saturday. Then came back and ate chili and hot dogs. 

This was simply priceless!!! Jud was enjoying it all. He was a great sport for sure. 

Believe it or not, he did get the mud out of his ears. We went back to the house and got dressed up for the real party. We headed to Freddy T's for a PARTY! It was an absolute blast. He owned the place for the night. He wore his crown, led the d.j., shared shots with everyone, danced with all of the girls, etc. He was in party mode. 

From the looks of this picture, we all were in party mode.

My sweet husband just a few short years ago. He is so cute and mischievous here...hmmm, still is today! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!


This is a terrible picture of me...but I am using it anyway because it is ALL I have! This is us at "The Stump", a very exclusive private club in Stuttgart. You have to be a member to go in the bar.  Oh, did I tell you that you can buy an annual membership for a $5? Good times!