Thursday, November 27, 2014


After being at Duck Camp since Sunday, I think Ally and Oney missed seeing each other. Me and the kids met Judson and Oney at the lake for Thanksgiving. We only stayed two nights...a quick in and out. The first night we just vegged.

Thanksgiving with my girls.

Me and Oney...I missed him too...
Judson and I 
Dad and his girls
Mom and HER girls

Look at that TURKEY
A "Burlison" tradition...field corn
A Thanksgiving FEAST for Sure
Can you tell my family was hungry?!
Look at that plate! 
The "kid" table...boy has it changed since a few years ago...
And there you have it...the aftermath of Duck Camp...ZZZZZZZZZZ

Britt's sweet touch to the meal...scripture
My personal favorite...DESSERTS

Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy 82nd Birthday Mee-Maw!

We went to celebrate Mee-Maw's 82nd birthday with her today. She was having a pretty good day today. We had cake and coffee (her fave) with her. She opened her gifts very nonchalantly-not characteristic of how she has been all of her life. 
Aunt Delaine and Uncle Billy came right as we were finishing up. They had some cake as visited for awhile. They are SO AMAZING to come and visit Mee-Maw. I am so grateful for them. 
I ❤️ this picture! 
Mee-Maw's favorite thing to do...MAKE CRAZY FACES!!!
She still has some silliness in her! I love her so much! I leave so sad every time I leave her at Asbury Cove. The only thing that gives me peace is knowing that she is very content for the time being. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Daddy Duck Camp

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Phil Ramsey Pic Proof

Time for a family pic! Boy does that get your family excited or what? We haven't made our selections yet but I was VERY PLEASED with how our pics turned out. Thank you Phil & Cindy for always making it fun and not painful. A year from now Ally will be taking her SENIOR PICTURES ...ouch! Here is a link to Phil's blog for a sneak peak ...

Deer Stand Selfies & Snapchats

Will these be my good luck charm today? My new pink Browning gun case or "purse" as Judson likes to call it and my new Pink Yeti Cooler! Let's hope so...

The pics we pass around from the deer stand...hopefully there will be a deer post later. The girls are in their nice warm and cozy beds...they have retired their rifles for now.