Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve with a Twist

Calling All Ducks

Tina and Gadd, Jenna and Buddha, our Sanderson Farms Friends, invited us to come to Duck Camp for New Years Eve this year. As I said in my previous post, we always spend it at the Lake with our kids and friends. We hesitated going but thought it would be a good change!
 I decided that I needed to learn how to call ducks in the truck on the way to Stuttgart. Judson bought me (ok-he really bought it for Oney) a beginners Duck call and a instructive cd to listen to. Anyone that knows me, knows that I don't like to be beat in anything I attempt to do in life. I may know that I do not have a chance at winning something, but I will die trying!

Boy did we have fun! We ALWAYS have fun with our "chicken friends"! We just hung out at duck camp, drank fine wine, ate a little, talked, laughed, duck hunted (if you call it that), and rang in the New Year "Arkansas redneck style"!

This picture is of Jenna and I in the boat headed to the blind. Tina opted to sleep in and stay warm!

Look who drove us in that dear husband...the safest boat captain ever! He is the only person EVER allowed to drive the boat outside of the hired guides! Who would have though Judson Naifeh would be the cautious one?!?! Better than that...Bill is the one that let him drive!

This is us in the blind..."Duck Hunting"...only problem...NO DUCKS...NO DUCKS...not even a blackbird!!! TERRIBLE!!! The beer was nice and cold though. We decided to flirt with the guys after we got bored, cold and had to potty. They fell for it and we convinced them it was time to go back to the house! The power of a woman.

Judson has taken many a nap and picture in these chairs at Duck Camp. He warned me about ever sitting in one. Well it happened, I sat down, got warm and the rest was history. I think I want one in my next house!

This is a picture of my room. Sanderson does everything first class. They have had this duck camp for several years. Its great. A nice large central room with a fireplace, dining area, card table, kitchen and then two long hallways with about ten rooms on each side and community baths on each side. They also have cooks/housekeepers quarters at one end. Those poor ladies.  

Speaking of those poor ladies, all I have heard about Duck Camp for years is those damn biscuits are terrible! Well, Gadd cooked our biscuits for us and they were perfect! I think we found his second calling in life if Sanderson ever decides to cut the cord!

A trip to Stuttgart isn't complete without a trip to the world famous "Mack's". And what do you know...Judson introduced me to Marion, the owner of Mack's. It is an awesome place for anyone that likes to hunt.

Here is my t-shirt the guys bought me from the Stump. It says "I got ducked up at Wildlife Bar and Grill"! I know...I am not sure where I will ever wear it but at the time it was hilarious! This picture is all of us walking into the bar with one of the guides, Tommy, better known as Tom-MEEE,  as our date. Good times! The girls are from left to right, Tina, Me, Tommy and Jenna.

Here is Gadd (David Gadd) on the left and Buddha (Jeff Robinson) with Judson on the right. Yes, all of the Sanderson guys pretty much have a nickname! 

This is a picture of Judson right before the lady behind the bar put him in "time out" for blowing hi party noise maker! Really? It is New Year's Eve? Thats when we decided it was probably time for us to take the party to the house! Wise decision!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This definitely goes down in the books as one of our best New Years Eves! THANKS to our generous, fun friends at Sanderson for giving us so many fun memories that we will treasure forever. What a great start to 2012!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Holidays at Pickwick

A Different End to the Year...

The picture above is very descriptive of the way our visit to Pickwick was this year after Christmas...VERY calm, quiet and a little on the lonely side. It has become an annual tradition for us to host all of our friends for an extended weekend of four wheeler riding, camo wearing, mud stomping, bon fire roasting, chili simmering, beer drinking, kind of time. It is a perfect end to the hectic Holiday Season if you ask me. But, this year it was just our family and our siblings families. Since I am behind posting this, I can explain to you now, that it is because of Judson's upcoming surprise 40th party. Since our friends have plans to come up next weekend for his party, everyone opted out on New Years. That is also how I was able to convince Judson to take me to Stuttgart, AR duck hunting for New Years Eve.  Some of our Sanderson couple friends planned an all adult New Years Eve, something we haven't done in about oh ten years or more. More to come on New Years Eve, Stuttgart and Judson's Surprise party! 

This picture was taken at Ginny and Pop's new Pickwick House. I absolutely LOVE it! They did a fabulous job on it. Ginny and Pop had us all over for a meal while we were in town. This picture is of us all gathered around Ally watching a funny video! 

These next few pictures are hilarious...well, maybe you had to be there...We took NO LESS THAN 25 pictures to get a decent one. The person standing on the right end of the log kept sliding off just as we snapped the picture. We all thought it was just Joseph at first. So then I made Oney stand there...guess what...he slid off too! 

After that, they all started sliding off. We just gave up on getting a perfect shot! Actually, I think this is the perfect shot:-)

Here is Daddy always to the rescue of stuck "mudders"! He would never admit it, but I think he loves feeling needed by the kids. It gives him something to do! 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2011

I love decorating for the Holidays every year. I am so proud of my ornaments, many were given to Judson and I at our Wedding.

I find myself getting more and more emotional when it comes to taking pictures with Mee-Maw. I keep telling myself and my kids that Mee-Maw may not make it to the next Holiday. I sure hope that she continues to prove me wrong! I think she actually looks pretty good in this picture. The kids are so patient with her...makes me proud.

Just a few pictures of us opening gifts at Mom and Dad's house. We always get together at my parent's on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning after Santa has arrived. One of the kids "big" items was drums for Ally, a video camera for Abby, and a money collection for Oney.They were all surprised with these things...I LOVE BEING ABLE TO PULL OFF A SURPRISE!

I had already changed into my pajamas in this picture, but I wanted a picture with Mee-Maw! She looks so happy in this picture! That has been our peace of mind with her being in an assisted living..she has been VERY content. That has made it so much easier on Mom.

Here are a few pictures of us opening gifts at Judson's parents house. I LOVE the armadillo that Joe received. He liked it too!

The boys were definitely Sittie's BEST shoppers! She took them shopping together before Christmas. They picked out lots of goodies! Joseph gave Oney a Grizzlies shirt like his for Christmas.

This picture was taken before the kids walked in to the den to see what Santa had brought. We always have to hold them back to get this shot! I love it!

BEATS by Dr. Dre...The big ticket item from us this year! It was a last minute idea but definitely one of the kids favorites! They were expensive but boy do they sound good!

I bought everyone a different "hunting" themed t-shirt since I am an addict when it comes to the deer stand. Judson's was my favorite..."This is my idea of bagging groceries"!

We teased Ally with drum sticks and a set of WI drums on the stair case!

Our drama Queen, Abby, got this cute t-shirt..."Save the drama for your lama"!

Oney loved his safe from Aunt Das and he immediately put his new coin collection in it. He also got a jet sled to pull behind the polaris!

Daddy got a Browning hat like mine...maybe he will let me wear mine now!

The folks that made it all possible!!! THANKS to our Grandparents and Parents...for everything in life! May we strive to be a fraction as wonderful as you all have been!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Baking Traditions

Candy Cane Cookies Compliments of Lynne Fisher

This is an old "Naifeh-Fisher" tradition. When Judson was growing up, Lynne made these cookies for all of her dearest friends and their children. This is one of his fondest childhood memories! If you had three children in your family, you would get 5 cookies delivered to your house. Not 3 not 6...but "5". I remember when Oney was born, (I think this was the last year she delivered cookies), she brought us 4 cookies! Judson called Lynne and harassed the heck out of her...where was our fifth cookie?!?! She had cheated us! I realized then the importance of the Christmas Peppermint Candy Cane Cookie!

So now we bake these as a family every Christmas! They are so delicious..the almond flavoring is the best! It has now become a "Naifeh Family Tardition"! I hope we can pass it on to all of my kids children! A family that bakes together-stays together!

Out taste tester...It seems like Judson always has to make a delivery to Munford each year when we are in the middle of baking our Christmas goodies! He LOVES licking the beaters!

THANKS Lynne for sharing your recipe with us! We always say that we should make hearts for Valentine's Day! I think its best to keep it special for Christmas.

This is a test...

I learn something new everyday in the blogging world. I have gone back and done some older posts in an attempt to catch up.  I finally figured out how to post with an older date (so that when I print my book it will be in order) and then my family fussed at me. They were simply clicking on my blog each day and not "seeing" the earlier new posts.  I wasn't sure how to reference them so that you would be able to find them. I believe this is how you do it! If not, then I will go back to the drawing board! So, that is the reason for the long explanation.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Dinner at the Williams

Judson and I always try to have friends over for a nice dinner during the Holidays each year. We had already set a date for this years annual beef tenderloin dinner before my hunting accident. Dr. T really didn't want me doing a lot of bending and lifting (it was the Saturday after my surgery). Kerry so graciously offered to host everyone at their house this year and we took her up on her offer!

We usually do a dirty Santa gift and exchange between friends. This year though my dear friends surprised me with a little "presentation" of gifts relating to my accident! It was hilarious...I think I was a good sport!

Eric was the "presenter" and I think Ryan was the "instigator".

This was a new safety helmet for me to wear when I go hunting. They also gave me a bow and arrow to hunt with instead of a rifle. Pretty funny!

This was my dirty santa gift that I came away fave...a Turvis Tumbler..and a Browning one at that!

It was a great night with great friends and great food!