Tuesday, July 25, 2017


So, the older the kids get the more I think they resemble each other. I have always had people ask me if Ally and Abby were twins. But, on this trip, I have had numerous people ask me if the three of them were triplets!!! That's a first! 

Greeted at our Cave with cool slushes
my girls 

The three of them really do look alike in this picture
handsome men
So, I sort of gave everyone a color scheme for each city and tried to somewhat coordinate outfits. I haven't really done that since they were younger. I was shocked that they went with it and I am so thrilled with all of the pics we took! Christmas Card...check! 

The sunset in Santorini really is special...we watched the sunset overnight while we were there. 

Me and my girls

Ammoudi Bay and cliff jumping

The walk from the town in Oia to Ammoudi Bay was pretty tough. Over 350 steps, on cobblestones, winding... As you can see, Oney stood by my side the entire way. He has such a sweet sweet spirit. 

BLUE...our color!


How cute is this pic? Abby and I were swimming to the cliffs and the current was so strong. 

Stav...the BEST hostess...she took excellent care of us and made our stay unbelievable! Canvas Suites  were unreal. 

Welcome to Santorini...

So we didn't even go to bed last night...we had to leave our hotel at 2:00am to catch our 4:30am flight from Beirut to Santorini. Whew! 

My peeps sleeping in the Athens airport as we were waiting on our connecting flight to Santorini. 

Anxiously awaiting our bags ....

Possibly my new favorite quote...

Last Night in Beirut

This building was the Holiday Inn in downtown Beirut. It was a five star hotel-the place to see and be seen back in the day. It was bombed right in the beginning of the Civil War . It is still standing as are many war torn buildings. The Lebanese say they like the reminder of where they have been and where they are now and their future as a country/people. There is also some dispute about what to do with it amongst its people. You see bullet holes and destruction all across the country but not near as much as when Judson and I were there in 1993. It has really been developed and a ton of money has been spent to make the country thrive again. 

I HEART Beirut sign...

The Mosque in downtown Beirut. It is standing right next to the Orthodox Church. 

The history (thousands of years) is just amazing. Our country is such a baby compared to European countries. Because of the destruction of the civil war, as new construction was being done to rebuild the city, they are finding ruins all over the country.  

The Roman Baths

Our deeeelicious (inside joke) spot for lunch today...a traditional Lebanese Meze.

To think...their father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc stood right here many years ago... pretty cool! 

Martyr's Square...this area was completely demolished when we were here in 1993...

Byblos (Jbeil) was stunning...believed to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world...WOW! 

The BEST bread ever!

CCCL... Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon...St. Jude Affiliate

One of THE highlights of our trip...the St. Jude Affiliate hospital in Beirut, Lebanon, CCCL, Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon. Even though we knew we only had a few days in Beirut, we had this stop at the top of our list. We were fortunate enough to have a private tour pre arranged by one of our FAVORITE doctor friends (you know who you are)! We were greeted by all wonderful people who made us feel like family the minute we met. 

Our family has a deep rooted love and appreciation and admiration for St Jude for many reasons. Who could NOT have a special place in their heart for St. Jude and it's mission??? The most obvious heartfelt connection is the Lebanese community. Did you know that half of the board of ALSAC is required to be of Syrian or Lebanese descent? Danny Thomas actually came to the Naifeh Coon Supper many years ago. We have a picture of Danny and Oney. Pretty cool. Also, my girls have had awesome experiences working at St. Jude. Abby was part of the "Volunteen" Program one summer and a summer intern the next. Ally has had a marketing/media internship this summer with ALSAC. St. Jude is such a VITAL part of the mid south. We are so fortunate to have them in our backyard. 

The two hospitals are very similar. We only toured the outpatient area out of respect for families and their privacy. 

We cannot thank you enough for making the time for us and making us feel special.It was an honor to be able to tour the hospital and see Danny Thomas's dream alive and well.  Karen, Nisrine, Ali, and Hana...you all were a joy! Ali - your personal story of the Armenian man struggling to find care for his child was remarkable. God bless you all and CCCL! 

THANK YOU...Shukraan!