Saturday, August 31, 2013

bUTch Please?!🏈🍊

A new Era in Tennessee Football???
bUTch PLEASE?!?!
Butch Jones does the Vol Walk for this first time as our new head Coach
It's Football Time in Tennessee! 

I get CHILLS every time I see this stadium. I have such PRIDE in my Alma mater. I do not really care where my kids go to college (well maybe a little bit), but I do want them to have this same sense of PRIDE and TRADITION in their college. 
Butch Jones really has gone "ALL OUT" in paying attention to every little detail of our program. He had several past important people in our football program at the game Saturday. I have a good feeling about just can't happen overnight. Maybe by the time Ally gets to UT (did I just say I don't care where she goes?), we will have the AWESOME program we had when Judson and I were there! That would be perfect timing! 


Friday, August 30, 2013

Test Driving a ... Toilet?

We are beginning to start "gathering information and ideas" since we are building a new house at the Lake. So, anytime we walk in Lowes or Home Depot or anywhere to do with home building, we try to collect info. Today Oney was with us. Guess what the boys checked out...yep, their "thrones"! How funny is this? Only the Naifeh men would actually do this in a store AND pose for a picture. Boy I LOVE these two NUTS!

Check out their expressions...PRICELESS!

Hit Again

Yep! Once again our Munford store was hit by a customer! I can't count the number of times someone has driven into our building. Luckily no one has ever been injured...just the building. I felt so sorry for this old man. The police revoked his license on the spot. He had no family or friends to call to come and pick him up and the wrecker driver had to drive him to his house. Can you imagine having no one to call on? 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Volleyball Girls

We are now knee deep in volleyball games. I am sure enjoying the air conditioning in the sport of volleyball versus the hot outdoors game of golf the girls played last year! I can't believe how well they are doing to have just picked up the sport this Summer. I would have done anything to be half as athletic as my girls are - no matter the sport- they just pick it up and run with it! 
Football fantasy draft night for Judson's Memphis group was tonight. Yep, he took the laptop and did it from the stands! Now that's a devoted Dad...or fantasy team player...depending on how you view it! Just teasing...he is quite the devoted Dad! He LOVES seeing his daughters rule the court! 

It used to be so hard for Judson and I to say "Go Rebels" being the big UT fans that we are...It has gotten much easier over the years. However, we still make sure anything we but says "TRA" Rebels!

I love watching my girls jump and show off their height. They really handle their height well. Most days they own it and love it...sometimes though they are self conscious and wish they were short! I think they are just perfect! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Knee...OUCH

Well, Dad put it off as long as he possibly could stand it. He was barely able to walk the day he went in for surgery. He is having a total knee replacement on his right knee. I sure hope this surgery is just what the doctor ordered and will relieve his pain. He has been hurting for so long. I know how depressing it can be to be in that situation...hurting everyday with no real solution in sight. I PRAY my Dad is a new man in a few weeks. The day he had his surgery there was a lot of waiting so Mom and I caught a quick nap while Daph ran a couple of errands! I can nap anywhere anytime!

My sweet sister LOVES having her picture made!

Dad after surgery..look how good he looks! That morphine must have been good stuff! 
Dad was being silly here and eating Oney's french fries! He is always a comedian no matter what!
His new knee! How amazing is this whole deal?
My sister...gotta love her...look closely at her weapon of choice...she told me she was "carrying" that day. Her definition and mine are two different things obviously. Funny thing is-she would probably do just fine with her scissors! 

The day after Dad's surgery he was already feeling like shaving. I couldn't believe it.
This picture was taken after his therapy on day two-he had just walked 70 feet! How impressive is that? Less than 24 hours after surgery?
Day three-Dads waterproof "bandaid". He will keep this on until he goes back to the doctor next Wednesday. I think he is doing wonderful! Thanks for the prayers and phone calls- friends and family. Keep 'em coming-Nurse Ginger is going to need them when they get home! 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Chi Omega House...UTK

I am so excited for the Chi Omega ladies at UT this year. We finally have sorority houses on campus. How exciting is this??? I am so happy for my sisters! Good times ahead for all those Chi O's! 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Farmer Jud

Saturday work day
Doing a little work on the farm...
Planting food plots for my "deer" friends...
Getting some lovin' from my son...
Oney and his stepdad Farmer Brad...
Ally snapped this of me without warning...
Our Subway delivery girl...

Ally's sweet brother washing her car for her...

Friday, August 23, 2013

We're Not in Kindergarten Anymore

Look at these big kids! I can't believe that they are in high school and driving! I remember when they were in kindergarten together just a few years ago! 
Jenna Landsittel, Chase Castellaw, Ally and Abby

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sports Fan or Kid Fan?

Just a clarification people looking from the outside in, I probably look like the BIGGEST sports fan EVER! Golf, volleyball, football, basketball, water skiing, wake boarding, you name it. When really, I am just a KID FAN...whatever it is my kids decide to do-I am their biggest FAN! 

I say this because I have never been a huge sports person-probably because I have never had any athletic ability at all. I do good to make it across the room without tripping on something! I always said my kids would "never" be really involved in sports. Well, be careful what you say you will "never do"! The kids are involved in as much as they can possibly participate in and do it successfully. Guess what...I am their biggest fan! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Time Flies!

WOW! I can't believe my nephew Max has graduated from college! It doesn't seem possible. He has been such a great "kid", stayed out of trouble, graduated on time, and has a super job that he starts next week! I am so proud of him. My sister has done an outstanding job with her kids. I hope I am doing at least half as good as she has done. She must feel such a sense of pride.