Sunday, January 29, 2017

Missing My Ally

Ally's room does NOT miss has NEVER been so clean! I, on the other hand, do! 

We all laid in our bed this morning like we used to when the kids were babies. We were really missing Ally then. So, we face timed is so cool. 

Hunters Turned Plumbers

 The ducks weren't flying too much this morning but the snapchats were coming. 
How cute is this face?

On a different note, all of a sudden, our sinks started gurgling, our toilets started backing up, and the dishwasher started making noises... I called Roy Clay after church and he told me to open these drains in the yard until her could get here Monday morning. So, when the men got home from duck hunting I told them to get to work! 

Oney was telling Judson how to do it and Judson went to work! 

 They found the drains..but boy oh boy...not a fun job...
As soon as he loosened the top....out came the "STUFF"...ugh...
Roy Clay can't get here fast enough!!! 

What does a country boy do on a sunny Sunday afternoon??? Go spray paint his name on something, of course! 

Happy Birthday to Ally...her first birthday away at college...I can't believe she is "19"! This time next year I will have two college kids and a 20 year old...time please slow down, just a little? 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ducks for Days

Jud has been all in to Duck Hunting as much as possible this week before the season ends. After he hunted this morning, I drove out to Giltedge Cafe and met him for lunch. WOW! Talk about driving down memory lane. I don't ever go to Burlison anymore. Driving down highway 59 west brought back all kinds of memories. Boy time flies. 

Banquet Buddies

Covington's Football banquet was tonight at the Baptist Church. Oney went with Zoe and of course Abby went with Hayden. Everyone looked so handsome and beautiful. I can't believe how tall Oney has gotten. He is about to pass his dad in height. 

The three amigos...

Oney wasn't happy because I made him take pictures with us.  I love the "love" for St. Jude that we have passed on to our kids. He had his St. Jude pin on his sport coat - just like his Jid Jidi, Jidi, and Dad - all huge supporters of St. Jude. 

The "LEBANESE" cousins...hahaha...

The Burlison Cousins...

CRAZY cute friends...

The Handsome/Beautiful Couple
They have matured so much since their first date two years ago. They both looked like babies and now they look like young adults. The two of them remind me a lot of Judson and I when we were in high school. Scary sometimes. Lookout college here they come! 

My two handsome men. Hayden has been a friend to Oney since Abby and his first date. He is a fine young man - his parents have done a great job with him. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Kentucky Kitty Kats?

Ally attended the Volunteers basketball game verses Kentucky tonight at Thompson Boling Arena. She kept us updated via Snapchat. We were cheering her on from home. 

What do you know? The VOLS beat KENTUCKY! WOW! She said it was a great game and TBA was louder than ever. 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Miss TRA, oh, and Wittiest !


Tonight was Oscar night at TRA for more thing on the checklist to make her that much closer to Graduation. She looked stunning. I know she is mine and I might be a little biased, but WOW. Where is my little blue eyed, messy eating, pink blankey, pink baby carrying, eye mask wearing little princess? What happened to the years? I guess we did something right, because man, she is simply amazing! 

Not only is Abby gorgeous, how about her handsome date Hayden? He was dressed to a "t"! They really do make a good looking couple. 

Abby and Jack Owen, friends since birth! 

The super PROUD Dad! I have never thought Abby looked anything like the Naifehs, but something about this picture reminds me of her Daddy. 

Sweet friend award goes to Ashlynn Henshaw! Abby and her have really enjoyed their friendship and double dating with the "Glass boys"! 

 So, you know, you don't always get what you deserve in life. You win some and you lose some. Even though I felt like Abby had worked HARD, served her school well, been a wonderful leader and participated in so many activities, I prepared myself for disappointment. It is so hard coming one year behind her sister Ally-always has been. Judson and I were so excited for her when we found out she won Miss Tipton Rosemark Academy! She got what she deserved...all those years of going that extra mile paid off! Oh, the "wittiest" was an added bonus, too! 

 Me and my mini me
 Proud Mom and Dad

Hayden is such a good sport! 

The junior parents outdid themselves. Everything was just perfect - from the M.C.s, to the popcorn bar, to the table decorations, etc. THANK you to the Moms that went above and beyond. It was so nice. I appreciate you! 

Of course, Judson and I shed a few tears at the end of the program when they dedicated it to Lauren. It is still so hard to believe. Such a beautiful girl SO FULL of life. We love and miss you Lauren! 

Friday, January 20, 2017

45th Inauguration of the President of the United States

All politics aside, Democrat or Republican, the process of changing Presidents in our country is pretty amazing. I have never been a huge history person, but I do love hearing all of the traditions and symbolisms during the Inauguration. Here is a photo of first Ladies in their fancy attire. 

A peak inside the church service that morning. 

The Obamas and The Trumps meeting at The White House for coffee. Melania is gorgeous in that powder blue. 

The Bidens and the Pences departing The White House for the Inauguration. 

Obama flying over D.C. one last time as he departs for a vacation.

Although you never really know what happens behind closed doors, I do like the fact that the Trumps seem very close to each other. Here was a group hug after President Trump was sworn in to office. 

Needless to say, I didn't get much work done today. I had the tv on in my office all day. 

This will be interesting to see how his twitter account plays out. I do think he needs to back away from his tweets, maybe not entirely, but definitely some. 

Look who showed up at the parade...The Pride of the Southland Band from Tennessee

Woke up watching the coverage and went to bed watching it. 
God Bless America and our new leaders. They have their hands full.