Friday, September 6, 2013

Doves with Dad

Judson checked Oney out of school a little early and headed to Jackson to Mike Barker's dove hunt. Oney was worn out and fell asleep the minute he and Judson got on the road. 

He woke up in a great mood and ready to hunt.
Serious Hunter
Silly Hunter
Squinty Hunter
The Retriever
After much debate with his Father, he murdered "tweety bird"! There a was tiny bird flying around them the entire time they hunted tweeting nonstop. Oney, being my sweet persistent Oney, begged his Father to let him have a shot at it. Judson finally gave in and ... BOOM! Tweety bird bit the dust! Judson said Oney was so tickled you would have thought he just killed the biggest buck ever! Its the little things in life...

Of course, on their way home from the hunt, they drove through our farm to check out the wildlife. Standing with tradition, Judson let Oney drive him around. I swear, he is going to be the most responsible, well rounded kid ever. I guess thats what happens when you are the third child!