Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cabo, Mexico

Wow! What a difference a year makes! We just "thought" this place was amazing last year. It is unbelievable how much it has changed in 12 months. We were fortunate enough to be invited back by one of our "grocery friends", Tim Armour. He owns what I think is "THE" villa to own. It is so beautiful that some of my pictures do not even look real. 
This one is for the kids. Us taking off on the plane...they say I'm too old for "selfies"!
Yes, this is real. Amazing! I haven't been writing down all of my #1000 gifts this week, but boy they are everywhere you look around this place. 

Panorama shot of the 11 acre lagoon. Last year, this was a huge mud hole. They have plans for the next 14 years before this place will be complete. 

Me and Jud at dinner the first night.
Margaritas anyone? OUCH! They were good, but strong!
This one is for my girls! 

Our sunset the first night. AMAZING! The weather was PERFECT! Hot days and cool nights!

Fun in the hot tub! Danielle, Damon, Tim and Jud...
I always LOVE to locate the kids when we are out of town just to see how far apart we are from each other. How cool is this?

Oney and Judson "facetiming"!
Oney Judson acting like a kid! 
Me and Ally "face timing"! I can only post this because I know she doesn't read my blog. Otherwise, she would kill me! 

We are having a fabulous time. Tim is a great host. One of the many perks in our business is all of the great, generous, fun loving people we get to spend time with.  Thanks to Tim for sharing his place with us. He's the host with the most.