Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sanderson Farms Championship, Jackson, MS

So, I am still on "catch up mode", and 2014 is almost in the rear view mirror. I really wish I had more time to write words to go along with my pics. However, I have decided that a book of pictures with few words is better than nothing at all. 
Judson and I were lucky enough to be included in the Sanderson Farms PGA golf tournament in Jackson, MS. As is EVERYTHING Sanderson, it was a FIRST CLASS event from start to finish. I have said it before, but I will say it again, they are the most generous, family/friendly oriented company. One thing is for sure, grocery industry people are some of the most genuine, loyal, kind, sincere, fun, good down to earth people. Judson and I have made lots of friends over the past 18 years. I would have to say though, that the Sanderson folks are our favorites!

Yes, I am a VERY light packer. The temps ranged from 30 to 90 that week. How could I pack any less? 
Judson's first rule of being in a hotel...always take a picture of your room number, just in case you may not remember it on the way in that night. Pretty good advice-funny or not?
This is where we had dinner the first night. Very good food and great wine!
After dinner drinks in the hotel bar. We closed this place down every night! Just hanging out with friends...talking and laughing! 
I was fortunate enough to be included in the Inaugural Women's Day Brunch where Leigh Anne Tuohy was the guest speaker. I am officially a "FAN"...she was a PHENOMENAL speaker. I SO enjoyed her. If she didn't motivate you or create a spark in you, then no one could. I am looking forward to reading her book. The picture below is with the First Lady of MS and my grocery friend Patty. She was such a nice, neat Lady as well. 
Mid way through the brunch, I checked my phone. I had received 60 emails in an hour and a half...ugh...I'm not so sure technology really saves us that much time-considering how much time we waste on it each day!!!
Me and Miss Mississippi! 
One of my favorites..."Big Daddy"...
WOW! Judson and I NEVER get a good picture of us together....and I'll be darn if Will didn't have to jump in it!! 
These pics were at the pairings dinner and auction at the Jackson Country Club. 
Is that not the COOLEST trophy ever? A chicken, of course! 
Will wore his fancy socks for "Mr. Joe"! FUNNY!
My man Buddha...Judson's duck camp buddy! 
"Mr. Joe" Sanderson (below)...he and his wife, "Ms. Kathy"...were the sweetest, kindest, most generous, gracious, hosts all week. This part of the trip was a little disheartening though. Mr. Joe was speaking about the importance of Friends of Children's Hospital and the events of the day and there was a constant ROAR of people talking over him. HOW RUDE? I just wanted to shhhhhh everyone. And if that wasn't rude enough, the Governor Spoke, on Election night mind you, and the crowd did the same thing to him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE AND RESPECT these days? It is just common courtesy when someone is speaking to look at them and listen or at least act like it anyway. 
Back at the hotel, our newest Sanderson friend, "Lebanese Peter" and a golfer friend, "Lebanese Jake"! 
This was Judson's foursome in the Pro Am. I watched from the 18th green in the Sanderson pavilion. It is so nice being so comfortable with all of these people. They all just make you feel like you have known them forever. 
Yes, that is an alligator on the golf course!!!

Non other than John Daly and "Little John" Daly!!! He came and hung out with us for a bit. He was VERY shy and quiet (Little John). 

My man, Big Daddy, was the Man in Charge at the Pavilion. You can tell by the picture, there is NEVER a dull moment with Big around. 
My two stargazing shots for the day...
Padraig Herrington & John Daly

I don NOT even want to know what these two are looking at on their phone!
How cute is this prize? He decided for some reason (maybe the 23 beers had something to do with it, just kidding, 22) to polish the Fed Ex Cup! 

Me and my man Schmoeckle. I never really noticed before this trip, but we really should make a "Sanderson Cheat Sheet" for all of our business contacts. We do not call many of them by their real name or first name. If you stick around long enough, you will have a nickname real fast! 
One of our golfer friends...the Am in the Pro.
For some strange reason, Judson decided to D.J.
My SWEET SWEET friend Genna...I just LOVE her and ALWAYS enjoy the trips/nights we get to spend with her and Buddha. There are business affairs you often dread- but Genna is not one of those dreaded events. She is all laughs and smiles! 
Have I told you Sanderson's newest man is LEBANESE? Of course, there was an immediate bond. He is coming to Thanksgiving dinner...not really. But that is how quickly the Lebanese claim you as family, Pretty cool and strange all at the same time! 

I am ending with this picture...my favorite! Enjoyed the trip with you dear! Can't believe we have been partners in crime for almost 20 YEARS! WOW! Its been a wild a crazy ride...hope the roller coaster keeps on going!