Friday, November 6, 2015

Sanderson Farms Championship

The Sanderson trips always start out at 110 miles per hour. I wasn't feeling 100% as I was packing for the trip. I have been working so many hours and had a little more stress on me than normal so I just attributed my yucky feelings to trying to get out of town. We got into Jackson and headed straight to dinner. I ate the Gulf Redfish which was delicious. We had a blast of course and drank some fine wine. 

We went back to the hotel and hung out at the "Chicken Coup" aka the hospitality suite until the wee hours. I was up most of the night with stomach issues. Yuck. Obviously, I had a little virus working on me when I left home. I forced myself to get ready and make it to the women's luncheon because I did not want to miss it. 

The speaker this year...Jenna Bush Hager...I was dying to hear her. I heard her speak at a National Grocer's Convention in Vegas a few years ago and she was wonderful. I made it through lunch and boy was I glad. She did an outstanding job. She was so "real". She speaks with so much emotion and is so candid. I really really enjoyed it. 

Visiting Children's Hospital and reading to the children. 

I managed to catch a ride back to Memphis and Abby picked me up. I thought I would die before I got out of that car-I was soon nauseated! I threw up the minute I walked in the house! UGH! 

In the meantime, I am getting constant texts/pics of Judson and the "crew" telling me how much they miss me and to prepare for Mardi Gras! 

This was me...and ONEY...he had the same stomach bug!