Thursday, March 31, 2016

When It Rains, It Pours, Literally

So, it seems that when Judson is out of town, the S&%T hits the fan. I have been SLAMMED at work this week. I mean CRAZY busy with pressing projects. Also, playing catch up from Spring Break last week. On top of that, my employees always seem to be needy when he is away. 
He had his annual guys trip to Vegas this week. I always try to keep any problems from him while he is away so that he can enjoy his time off. Somethings though seem to find their way to cause him stress on his trips. Thats a downfall of owning your own business, you truly never get totally away or completely get to check out. 
If I told you everything that happened today, you would never believe me. I'll just mention a few. 
Needless to say, I wore MANY hats today. 

Here are just a few things I had to tackle throughout the day today...

Lawsuit from a slip and fall

Disgruntled Employee

Annual Tax Forms Due

Limo Search/Dinner Reservation Calls for the Girls Prom 

Working with our Pediatrician on Test Results for ABBY'S CT Scan for her constant headaches

Finalizing ads with Yeti

Customer complaint

In the middle of all of this and much more and as Oney and I are walking in to visit Covington High School, the Munford store calls in a complete panic...the backroom was completely flooded and the ceiling partially fell in...

Yep, Oney and I did the school tour, as frazzled as I was and then raced to the store. Then I had to go the the oral surgeon's office, Dr Barrett Sexton, a friend from college, with the girls for their consult on their wisdom teeth. 


What a day...

there were many fires to be put out is the video the manager sent to me...thankful tonight that no one got hurt and its all good ...glad tomorrow is a new day!

Oh, I did end my day with a Margarita and Mexican...I think I earned it!