Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me from the SEC Tournament

Judson and I had accepted an invitation to the SEC tourney in Atlanta banking on Tennessee making it. So much for that...we hoped to be able to spend the weekend with Ally and her friends at the game. TN ended up blowing another season. Judson and I ended up going anyway. We had already booked our flights and could't change them. So, we decided to make it a birthday celebration for me. 

We went to the Dr. Pepper party on Friday night. The food was pretty good and the music was really good. 

On the way back to our hotel room, I contemplated taking Larry Culpepper to our room. Just teasing, but I did have to stop and take a picture with him. 

Look at my handsome man ordering room service for us for my birthday morning breakfast. 

Look who I spotted in the lobby of the hotel, Steve Spurrier.

Who knew teaching an old dog how to Uber would be this hard? 

Judson and I went to Ruth's Chris for my birthday dinner. Yummy! 

Woke up early Sunday morning and headed home. 

Pretty accurate description of the SEC this season. UGH...

My awesome birthday cake from my produce manager that was on my desk when i got to work. So Sweet and thoughtful! Great birthday this year!