Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy 18th Birthday Abigail Lane Naifeh!

Happy Happy Birthday Abby can you be 18???

It seems like yesterday you were toting around pink baby and pink blankey, wearing sleep masks every night, playing princess dress up, getting into my makeup, wearing the prissiest outfits around, shaking your little teezo, choking your brother, playing with polly pockets and groovy girls, wearing the biggest hair bows you've ever seen, reading a million books, all the while entertaining everyone in site! You have the kindest, most loving and thoughtful heart.

I am so proud of you for getting accepted into UT College of Nursing. I can't wait for you to be able to take care of me someday. You will be the BEST NURSE ever!

Below is a picture from each year of your life. I had fun digging through old pictures and going down memory lane. WOW...time sure did pass by fast. I LOVE you so have made Dad and I so PROUD! 

I remember this day so clearly - just like it was yesterday. Ally couldn't wait to get her hands on you! 

You devoured your cake. You had it in your hair, ears, nose...yuck! Ginny stripped your dress off of you and threw you in the bath.

Chuck E. thought you were so big running around there getting your tickets. 

Your 3rd birthday was a bit crazy-Oney had just been born in December. You were a bit rebellious when he showed up!

The "family" birthday hat. Of course, you were the kid most excited about wearing it every year. I never had to remind you to get it out before your birthday. You LOVED the attention! 

The gymboree party was the best! You and Ally had this party together and each invited a list of friends. Y'all were ADORABLE in your little leotards. 

We Three Kings, the party place, boy did y'all have fun performing on that stage! We got to see a little glimpse of what we knew you would be like as a teenager that day!

Paint a left your mark on that place that day....literally, you got to paint your handprint and name on the wall for everyone to see. We always loved going to paint a piece...even just on a rainy day! I love all of my pieces I still have and enjoy pulling them out and using them. Wonderful memories!

Ahhhhh, the BIG trip to Nashville with Sittie and Aunt Jan and the big fancy dinner ! You looked so beautiful and you sparkled, of course! I think you even had fireworks on your cake. 

The SURPRISE bowling party at Rollies! Daddy and I really got you on this had NO IDEA! You just said you didn't want the "stress" of planning a party (list) this year and so Dad and I surprised you! I think you had a BALL!

New York City and Hello Kitty!!! Even though we had to pay Hello Kitty "two dollas" to take a picture with us! What a special way to celebrate your birthday!

Our first 5k run/walk. You and Ally talked me into doing it with you. Of course, in typical princess Abby style, I looked up and you and Katie Henderson (your babysitter) are riding across the finish line in the police car with the lights and sirens on...boy oh boy! You were the center of attention that day!

What a fun birthday weekend we had at the lake to celebrate your 12th. We rode four wheelers, had a bonfire, s'mores, chili, hot dogs, games, got really muddy, and LAUGHED a lot! Oh, and you roasted a pair of tennis shoes, too, that day!

Gorgeous Abby on her are officially becoming a young lady. We had a HUGE party at the CCC with Rockin' Robin DJs and food galore. You led everyone in tons of fun games and dancing. You were a natural holding that microphone. 

WOW! What happened between 13 and 14? Where did my Abby Lane go? We took a ski trip for your birthday this year. We hired a photographer and took TONS of pics. You have always been a natural in front of the camera. If something happens to your nursing career, you can definitely be a supermodel! (Ok, I may be a little biased!)

We finally got you to go take your driving test for your permit. We thought you would be content forever just being a passenger in Ally's car having her be your driver. I mean I can't really blame you! 

This year we did an impromptu birthday lunch at Mexican in Munford. Ally texted a few of your friends and Hayden of course. I ran by the store and grabbed a cake and voila! Of course, we had to have the whipped cream in the face. 

Dad and I were out of town for your 17th birthday so I just posted this collage of pics of us. We have been fortunate and made so many memories together these past 18 years. I just hope and pray someday you will have a daughter and get to do half of what we have done together! YOU will be BLESSED! From the beach, to New York, from Dallas, to Pickwick, from Cabo, to Washington DC, and on and on and on . We have some great times together! 

An Adult
A Young Woman
You can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets
You have to give ME permission for your medical records

I hope and pray that Dad and I have taught you everything you need to know to be successful in this next phase of your life! I have a good feeling you are headed to Knoxville to do GREAT things! 

Happy Birthday Abigail Lane Naifeh