Tuesday, July 25, 2017


So, the older the kids get the more I think they resemble each other. I have always had people ask me if Ally and Abby were twins. But, on this trip, I have had numerous people ask me if the three of them were triplets!!! That's a first! 

Greeted at our Cave with cool slushes
my girls 

The three of them really do look alike in this picture
handsome men
So, I sort of gave everyone a color scheme for each city and tried to somewhat coordinate outfits. I haven't really done that since they were younger. I was shocked that they went with it and I am so thrilled with all of the pics we took! Christmas Card...check! 

The sunset in Santorini really is special...we watched the sunset overnight while we were there. 

Me and my girls

Ammoudi Bay and cliff jumping

The walk from the town in Oia to Ammoudi Bay was pretty tough. Over 350 steps, on cobblestones, winding... As you can see, Oney stood by my side the entire way. He has such a sweet sweet spirit. 

BLUE...our color!


How cute is this pic? Abby and I were swimming to the cliffs and the current was so strong. 

Stav...the BEST hostess...she took excellent care of us and made our stay unbelievable! Canvas Suites  were unreal.