Sunday, July 16, 2017

Rough Start to Our Trip

Preparing for the trip takes a little time and effort from mom...

Oney just looked at his map and figured out where we are headed...

So after much preparation and planning for our "trip of a lifetime" to make sure we had taken care of everything possible... it all hit a brick wall in a matter of minutes. We drove to Nashville to fly out of there because of better flights. Basically because of bad weather in the northeast two days ago, Delta notified us that our flight out of Nashville was delayed 2 hours. This meant we wouldn't make our connection in New York to Rome. After over an hour on the phone with Delta, we packed up and hit the road to Memphis. They rerouted our flights through Atlanta to Rome.  

Once we got to Atlanta. The real troubles started. Delayed plane coming in from Amsterdam. We finally got on the plane and we had a sewage issue. More delays. The we had a passenger with a medical issue. More delays. FINALLY we took off. 

Because of our troubles, they booked 3 of us in Delta One. SWEET!!! Sorry Abby and Oney:( it was unreal. We actually had room. 

There was no way we were making our connection to Beirut. And we didn't. We were totally bummed. 

Sooooo...We are in Rome for the night. Flying out in the morning to Beirut. 

We went to a hotel at the airport, freshened up and we're headed to the city for the night. 

Let's hope the rest of the trip stays a little more on schedule. If not, we will go to plan b-or like yesterday maybe even plan F.