Thursday, May 9, 2013


Ok...I think my kids really do listen to me...sometimes! 
Do you ever feel like you are talking to your kids and no one is listening at all? Well, I think my kids do  actually listen to what we are saying to them...sometimes. 

I have said before how much I enjoy reading my daily email from iMom and how much Judson has enjoyed his from AllProDad. Judson and I bounce the "thoughts" off of each other in front of and with the kids all the time. So, they have heard us make reference to what we call "iMom" and "iDad" many times and on many different occasions. 

That being said, I have also been fortunate to be a part of Susan Merrill's book launch, Passionate Mom. So, needless to say, lately I have been talking a whole lot more about parenting, etc. Here comes the gist of the story. 

Last night after dinner, Judson and I were discussing social media posting rules for the millionth time. After a much debated and comical discussion with my two teenage daughters, my middle child starts quoting "iSisters". She states she is going to start her own column on sisters. Mom, "You can even get a free t-shirt"! Less than an hour later I received this link in my inbox. 

You have to admit it is pretty funny. We all got a good laugh out of it anyway and the sisters actually were having fun and getting along for the moment! Oh, the things your kids will do! 

Don't forget, if you haven't bought your Mother's Day present yet, get a copy of Susan Merrill's Passionate Mom. You will LOVE IT!