Friday, May 10, 2013

St. Louis...5th Grade Style

Super Dad...Judson landed his red eye flight from Vegas at 7:45am, Thursday, May 9th. He hopped in Brad's truck and put Oney on a bus at 4:45am, Friday, May 10th. Yes, less than 24 hours after being in Vegas on a "guys getaway", he rebounded and rallied.
Or, as he says, r-e...r-e-b...r-e-b-o-u-n-d...rebound! 
It is sort of a right of passage for the 5th graders at TRA to take a field trip on a chartered bus for a day trip. Ally went to Huntsville, AL and Abby went to Nashville. Oney's class opted for St. Louis-the children's Museum. Typically, I would have gone. The Dads decided to get together and extend the trip and go to a Cardinals baseball game and spend the night. 
Oney texted me this picture from the bus ride. He and Stanton and Daniel and Jeb were all on the front row. They loved the bus ride. I am sure it wasn't near as much fun on the way home. Oney was sure glad he didn't have to ride it home! 
Here is Oney hopping off the bus at the Museum.

Judson sent me this picture of Breck drinking his "beer" for lunch...root beer of course! 
The Dads so excited to be attending the field trip! 

Thanks Stacy for sending me this pic! Oney with the Fullens at the game.

Sweet, beautiful girls...Lexi, Addey and Mary Leslie! 
Judson and Oney at the game! Poor Judson...his eyes tell the tale...he was exhausted and only able to stand thanks to 5 hour energy drinks! I LOVE these two men! 
Oney and Mary Leslie were so pumped! They got game balls from the players! WOW! 
I love this pic...Oney on the phone and the look on ML's face!

THANKS Judson for taking one for the team! I know they had a great time. Judson just LOVES baseball-NOT! The things you do for your kids!