Monday, June 17, 2013

Aunt Jan is at the Lake

We LOVE it when Rosie comes to play! I found these shirts at one of our favorite shops at Pickwick and I decided to treat everyone! We missed Sittie on the Lake today-she wasn't feeling well. 
Aunt Jan and her beautiful nieces! 
Me and O Man riding the Sea Doo together! He is dying to be "of age" so that he doesn't need a passenger anymore! 
What do we HAVE to do EVERY TIME Aunt Jan comes to town? DRIVE her car, of course! 
We celebrated Aunt Kathryn's birthday with special cupcakes from a bakery in Nashville! 
Oney passing off a high five to Uncle Jay as he skis...another tradition we have started! 
My gorgeous girls! I just LOVE this picture! 
Uncle Jud harassing his Goddaughter! They have a very special relationship! 
Yes, that's a "selfie" that I took. Every  now and then I have to snap a picture of myself so I can know I really existed and "was there"! I am always behind the lens-and I LOVE it!