Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prince George Alexander

FINALLY...the royal baby was born today after much hype...It was so COOL watching all the media coverage having been to London last year. Our timing of our trip was perfect...Olympics and then royal baby...
Poor Natalie Morales was there for over a week waiting on the baby to be born! 

They (Prince William and Duchess Kate are trying so hard to be as normal as possible)!

Oreo's tweet for the funny is it?

What was trending on twitter that day...
Both sets of grandparents!

Our first peek at the Prince
LOVE how William placed the car seat himself AND drove his family away from the hospital! Princess Diana lives! She would be so proud of her Son!
Look at that CROWD awaiting to get a sneak peek! Natalie Morales was front and center with her iPhone! (Blue floral dress)