Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter sunrise! It was a PERFECT Easter this year! We had our first real dinner party in our new lake house. Judson and I are looking forward to many many more! I am however, ready to finish all of my projects at the new house so that I can enjoy this view from my porch. 

What are the holidays without some cousin lovin'?! We all have childhood memories of spending the holidays with our cousins. I love how mine and Judson's families have meshed so well. It sure makes the holidays easier. 
Me and my twin...she is so much like me it is scary sometimes! 
My partner for life. I knew if I didn't snap a picture or two then I would never see myself in a pic. 
The young adult table-deep in conversation. 
The teens-doing who knows what! 
My how our Easter bunny visits have changed....we've gone from an overflowing basket of bubbles, huge bunnies, eggs, peeps, water guns, etc to...Vineyard Vines treats, mini Dinstuhl's chocolate bunnies, and CASH. 
MY table as I was getting in bed at midnight Saturday night. Boy, Moms sure do work hard everyday of their life.  The are responsible for making so many things in life happen....THANKFUL for all the Moms in the world! 
Jud and Britt being silly after our fish fry at Das's Saturday night. Yummy! 
I think Max has outgrown the egg dying!
My kids try to outgrow it every year but I still set it all up and they always end up flattering me and having fun at the same time! 

Britt, Ally and Oney getting creative with their colors. 

Me and Oney riding on the boat together on Saturday. He is starting to outgrow our hugs and kisses and I do not like it one bit. Stud! The cAptain

Lord knows who to or what she is saying...

Afternoon boat ride and Sea Doo riding...

Oney got to go sailing with Jay and Kathryn and their friends. He loved it. 

Oney, Joseph and Jackson. 

The Three Amigos


Dog pile on Uncle Jay. I had the boys Thursday night, Kathryn had them Fiday night. 

AWESOME Easter! This last pic shows how we all felt after our HUGE MEAL today. Full and sleepy, Christ is Risen!