Thursday, April 17, 2014

Prom....NOT to be Confused with "THE Prom"

I am constantly reminded by my sweet girls that PROM is no longer referred to as "THE Prom"! TRAs junior senior prom is always the Thursday before Good Friday. It is kind of nice that way. The girls both went with friends. We had a "photo shoot" at the pond at Lochmeade before they hit the road to downtown Memphis. Even though I wasn't dressed for pictures (I had been running doing PROM prep all day) I wanted my picture taken with my girls. They looked AMAZING! Simply STUNNING! They just get prettier every year...sorry...I may be a little biased! 

I adore this picture of the girls with their friends Preston Trainer. I think it is a very natural, fun pic! Look at all these beautiful ladies. WOW!

Ally and her date Jordan Carpenter

Abby and her date Shane O'Brien
All of the couples together. They are all such great kids! 

A little brotherly and sisterly LOVE ❤️! 

Sittie and Jidi had to get their picture made with the girls. Sittie was kind enough to take Abby shopping for her dress! Ally and I bought her dress in Vegas when we went to the ACMs!

Getting beautified at home...

SISTERS...SO SO lucky to have each other. Someday I hope they realize this...Somedays I wonder if having them so close together was the "right thing to do"...Somedays I KNOW it was a perfect plan! 

My personal FAVORITE! I am so proud of them. They are so smart, beautiful, talented, and full of life! I can't believe that they are old enough to be going to "PROM"!