Friday, September 19, 2014

Thanking the Good Lord

Today started off with thanksgiving and praise and a celebration of our church's new Christian Life Center. 
Stephen Smith had an integral part in making this happen. I know he wanted it for his kids and never could bring it to a reality. Well guess what?! His grandkids WILL reap the benefits. Thanks so much to him and Duke Brasfield and many others that helped make this a reality. 
Wow! Things sure can change in an instant. Chad and Leigh were in a horrific car accident this afternoon with the boys. They all were "ok", except for bumps, bruises, emotions, backs, and necks, and a totaled car beyond recognition. Thank you Lord for protecting our sweet dear friends. Our paths of our kids have us running on different tracks right now but I know in a few years we will draw back closer to each other again. Today was just a reminder that you should never ever be too busy to make time for friends! 
Those crazy boys got to come home with us! They are hilarious! Definitely like Ally and Abby....polar opposites! 

All showered up and fed! 
I'm not sure if Leigh will read this or not! If she does, I may be dead:) I just couldn't resist. You know Jud had to provide some Comic relief while we were in the ER at the Med!