Saturday, September 27, 2014

Wedding Day for The Sanfords

 We all decided to get ready at our house before the wedding. It was a lot of fun...we had our matching shirts on and drank mimosas. How cute is this picture of Ginny? 
 I love this one...

 Our last family picture before Ashley becomes one of us!
 Max and his Aunt D

 A Mother and Her Daughters
 Ally, Abby and the Groon
 Naifeh Cousins
 The girls serving the Groom's cake
 Crazy Combo...Jud and Uncle Billy
 Britt and O
 Ab and Her Daddy
 Uncle Jud
 The Two "Middle Children"
 I love this picture of Ally 

 Me and Jud ...I still love to dance with him!
 Best Friends
 My two Moms
 Jidi and his crazy boys
 Father and Son
Great picture of Sandra and Joe 
Ally and Abby cheering Britt up as Max leaves the reception
 Jud, the Firework Man, with a battle wound!
It was a PERFECT night! Just PERFECT!