Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy Halloween

So I guess Judson and I played the role of the kids this year for Halloween. We have always loved dressing up since the days of our annual Halloween party. The kids didn't dress up at all this year. But, oh did their parents! The CCC had a party and a costume contest. We WON first place!!! Ha! Can you believe it? It was pretty funny! We had our outfits from when we visited Dubai a couple years ago.  Ally looked on pinterest and figured out how to make me a "bomb" with candles and wire and an old flip phone! Hilarious! Judson said all night that I was "the bomb"! 

Me and Ms Margret Click, Will's mom. Will has become my stepson-he works at the store and I just I love ❤️ him. Such a gentleman!
Me and Anna Laura's sister, Hogan, aka pocohontas. 
This was "late night" after we knew we were winners and we had consumed many beverages. A little celebratory! 

Morgan and Chris awesome are they??? WOW! She is absolutely gorgeous! 
Winner Winner!
This one is my personal favorite. We look pretty darn real in this picture!!!!!!

We had so much fun dressing up that weekend that we decided to dress up with the store employees on Halloween. Judson was an illegal immigrant running for the border and I was border patrol. Oh, how we keep our customers in stitches! They never know what to expect. 

I don't think we will ever "grow up"! A couple that plays together, stays together!