Sunday, February 15, 2015

Re-Entry to the Real World

Let me preface this by saying that Judson and I are so fortunate in that we get to take lots of fun trips to many different places. However, it seems that more times than not we always come back home to a firestorm. I guess that is just part of owning your own business. 

When we woke up in New Orleans on Sunday morning, our phones were blowing up about the winter weather predictions for home. This is a good thing in the grocery business-snow threats can really make a difference to your bottom line. So, Judson and I were on the phones talking to each of the stores about preparations and things to handle before we could get home. 

When we landed in Memphis around noon, the "vacation" was O. V. E. R.  Our phones started exploding, we had a flat tire on his truck, the kids were calling, etc. 

This was our last peaceful pic as the plane was landing. 

I clicked on Instagram while we were waiting on help with the flat tire and this is the first thing I see...oh me, wow! So, I get on the phone and have my managers assure me that this will not be us! 

Just to be sure, I had them text me a picture. And....the stress begins. Welcome home!