Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 3...Building Houses and Faith

Started the day off with toast and a diet coke! Packed our backpacks and prepared to hit the road to Los Fundos with a busy agenda today. Katie "prays" (sleeps) on the bus every chance she gets! 

Because of the amount of work we have taken on and lack of time, our leaders decided to split our group into boys and girls. Boys would get the construction organized and started and girls would entertain children, paint faces, polish nails, play, do a Bible activity, etc. 

When we arrived at the village today, all of the kids were so excited to see us again! All smiles and giggles. So much energy and sheer happiness. Surprisingly, I remembered lots of their names. Many of them had on the same outfits they had on yesterday. But they are very clean, and do not smell or feel dirty at all. I am very impressed with their hygiene considering their conditions. They are really smart...better communicators than we energetic and excited...Ally had planned a "Faith Bracelet" activity. They loved it! We made bracelets with them all and then the translator helped Ally give a little Bible lesson to go along with it. They "got it"...they are very familiar with the Bible...songs...stories...symbolisms. They all participated and answered questions! 

We met for lunch. Regrouped and hit it hard again. After lunch, the girls painted a house! 

When that was finished, we sort of all congregated at the house site and worked together on building the house for a bit. There were really too many of us in one small area so we took one bus back to the complex a little early and some stayed and worked. Ally and I hopped on that bus. I had a major headache I'm sure from caffeine deprivation as well as heat. I couldn't shake it so I later down for a bit and skipped dinner. All of the kids are feeling one has gotten sick. We have been preaching the sunscreen, hand washing, drinking lots of bagged water, etc. I think they are all doing great. I am so proud of all of them and their hard work. 

I feel sure no one will have trouble sleeping tonight. I know I won't. 
I am SO PROUD of Ally. She has really let her guard down, stepped out of her "comfort zone", been enthusiastic, hardworking, a leader, etc. We are being blessed everyday with this experience. We are getting way more than we are giving. 

Good night!