Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 5: Our Day to Rest

We had our morning breakfast and packed our backpacks for a day of fun. EVERYONE is a little on edge. We are all pretty tired so we are looking forward to a day of fun! 

Yes Katie sleeps the minute we get in the bus! 

AJ threw up before we could get to the Catamaran. I'm glad I was on the other bus! 

We rode the buses about 45 minutes to La Romano. We boarded a catamaran and went about 30 minutes out to a reef where we snorkeled and swam. Then we rode a dingy over to Catalina Island a private island (private to the snorkeling companies) where we spent the day. 

How cute is this little man? His dad was our guide for the day. 

The weather was perfect! Slightly overcast and breezy! The kids could walk around, lay in the sun, shop with the vendors, dance, get a massage, play volleyball etc. They prepared lunch for us. We sat on picnic tables and had a few raccoon friends come visit! They were more like pets! 

We loaded up the dingys to catch the catamaran and boat back to shore. The Captain cranked up the music and got the kids to dance and sing. It was pretty entertaining. It looked like they had a great time!

We got back on our bus and headed back to the score complex. I've survived quite well without the diet cokes but I am now dying for one. I may drink a keg when I get home so Oney best have my fridge loaded! 

One quick note that I have forgotten to tell...brace yourself...Ally who NEVER DRINKS ANYTHING BUT WATER...has had a Coke EVERYDAY!!! She said water just wasn't getting her through the day! 

Another great day! So much more to tell and at least a thousand more pictures!!!