Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Dinner Call and Emergency Call

Wednesday was an EXCITING day...I was so stressed and anxious to make sure everything went perfectly with our first day of Dinner Call! Judson wasn't back from the Masters yet, so I think I was extra anxious. Plus, I could hear the wind blowing terribly on the roof of the store and I was thinking...all we need is the power to go out today. As the 3:00 o'clock cut off hour was drawing near, my produce manager walked in my office. He had just driven by my house and noticed our dog kennel was blown away. He said, "What happened at your house"? I asked what he meant. When he told me the kennel was torn apart, I completely panicked. I RAN out the door and RACED home. 

Let me preface this with a little side note: 
Hayden gave Abby a rabbit for Easter. 
We have all fallen in love with this sweet baby. Like really attached and surprised at how much we have taken up with her (he name is Gotti). Well, yesterday, Abby and Oney decided that Gotti needed more time outdoors. They were VERY cautious in moving her, but decided it was the best thing for her. So...they put her cage inside of our dog kennel (for double safety so she couldn't escape). They then strapped a tarp on top of the kennel for shade/shelter. They were so excited for her newly established safe place. 

Back to the story:
When I pulled into the driveway and I saw the damage, my stomach did a backflip. I knew what I was about to find could NOT be good. This is what I saw in the back yard...

The dog kennel that has been there for EIGHT YEARS and NEVER moved an inch was blown away today. Totally destroyed.
AND...the rabbit cage was torn apart - completely wide open. There was no bunny in sight.
 Biggs (our dog) was standing there and I was in tears. I started calling her name, "Gotti" "Gotti"...Biggs took off running and back he came with Gotti in his mouth. She was dead, of course. I started crying thinking, "How am I going break this to Abby"? 
 I sought advice from a few people as to whether I should tell Abby she just ran away or tell her the truth. I decided the truth is always best. I called Oney and told him to make sure they came straight home from school so that I could break the bad news to them. I wrapped her up in a baby blanket for Abby and then I waited for them to get home.  She was very very sad of course. I basically threw this bad news on her and had to run back to work! 

I had to get back to work and focus on Dinner Call. 

So, in typical "Mom" fashion, I switched "hats" and went back to the store and dove right back in to Dinner Call! 

When I walked in the store, I went straight to the Deli and Chad was there to pick up his dinner. 

Here is a picture of our first ready to cook taco kit right before it went out the door. 

 And here is our sweet friend, Chad, picking up his taco kit from Pat, our Deli Manager. 
THANK YOU CHAD and LEIGH for supporting us in our newest adventure!

 So, needless to say, everything went GREAT! We had tons of APP downloads and a couple orders in each store today. I am PROUD of my employees. Thanks to our Dinner Call folks and everyone working together to get to this day!

Now, time to go to Abby's TOTAL Leadership Graduation dinner. I ran home and changed shirts and picked Abby up. We headed to the Chamber Center for their final gathering as a group. This TOTAL Leadership program has really been a positive experience for her and these kids. Ally enjoyed it last year and I think Abby has enjoyed it just as much. Here are a few pictures from the dinner. 

 Abby and Hayden getting their "diplomas"

 Abbey and Abby

 Their Leadership group...a great group of kids. Thanks to both Chambers and all of the hours they have put into making this a successful program. 

And after that, I was GLAD to call it a day.