Thursday, October 6, 2016

Surprise Visit!!!

WOW!!! Jud and I were at the Country Club for dinner last night. We looked up from our table and there stood Ally!!! She came home from UT for her Fall break Thursday and Friday. We were so thrilled! We called the rest of the family and made up some silly reason they needed to come to the club. They showed up and were just as surprised as we were...they joined us for drinks/dinner/dessert.  

 Ally getting some loving from her brother!

When we got home, the girls were in Ally's room just talking like they used to...boy have I missed this/her! But boy have my prayers been answered...she loves college, loves Knoxville, loves UT football, loves AOPi, loves her new friends! That is all an answer to this Mom's summer long prayers! 

Counting all of my blessings tonight over and over. Life is Good! God is GREAT!