Monday, October 3, 2011

Homecoming Dress Up Days

The kids REALLY had a blast dressing up this year each day during Homecoming Week. It takes a lot of preparation on Mom's part, but it is fun for all!

Monday, Superhero Day

Bat woman, Super Rebel and Super Titan

Tuesday, Super Nerd Day

 Abby the Nerd
 Oney the Nerd
Ally the Nerd

Wednesday, Super Tacky Day

Tacky Trio

Thursday, Everyday Hero Day

Officer Abby, Dr. Naifeh and Secret Agent Ally

Friday, Super Rebel Day

They ALL three did a GREAT job dressing up. Abby WON the dress up contest several if not all of the days! Ally also won one day. The girls BOTH won "NERDIEST" the same night they were on the Homecoming court! They went from the nerdiest to the most beautiful! It was a fun week indeed. I will do a separate post of the court festivities.