Monday, December 10, 2012

Ally's Asthma

We headed back to LeBonheur for another Ally appointment. Her asthma combined with her heart issues have really given her some trouble on the court this year. We are just trying to get a handle on it all. So, we went to an asthma Doctor to sort of "regroup" on her treatment.

This is Ally taking her breathing test. She failed it 5 times! It was really cool. She blew into the mouthpiece like she was blowing out the candles on the computer screen. She couldn't blow them all out-not one time. That was sort of scary to watch. 

I can only get away with posting this because Ally NEVER reads my blog! This is her passing the time and taking her mind off of being at the Doctor. Ally has always hated going to the Doctor. I really liked our Doctor and I hope her new meds/plan will help her breathe easier.