Saturday, December 8, 2012

Do NOT Play with Knives...

Did your Momma ever tell you NOT to play with knives? Well, obviously my husband didn't listen. He was at his Momma's house playing with a knife. He acted like he was going to do a fancy trick. It slipped out of his hand..first instinct was to reach and catch it with the other hand...and boy did he catch it! OUCH! As soon as I saw it, I knew he needed a couple of stitches. We headed to Baptist Tipton thinking we would be there half of the night. Surprisingly, we were stitched up and back home within about an hour! WOW! 

Here is the knife that he was slinging around...He was lucky he didn't do more damage. 

Funny Story: When we were checking in the ER, they asked him how it happened. Being the comedian that he thinks he is, he says, "My wife tried to stab me with a knife and kill me". Can you please call the Sheriff and protect me"? Their response...that's pretty funny Mr. Naifeh. I'm sure you deserved it! 

Nothing like growing up in a small town.