Thursday, August 29, 2013

Volleyball Girls

We are now knee deep in volleyball games. I am sure enjoying the air conditioning in the sport of volleyball versus the hot outdoors game of golf the girls played last year! I can't believe how well they are doing to have just picked up the sport this Summer. I would have done anything to be half as athletic as my girls are - no matter the sport- they just pick it up and run with it! 
Football fantasy draft night for Judson's Memphis group was tonight. Yep, he took the laptop and did it from the stands! Now that's a devoted Dad...or fantasy team player...depending on how you view it! Just teasing...he is quite the devoted Dad! He LOVES seeing his daughters rule the court! 

It used to be so hard for Judson and I to say "Go Rebels" being the big UT fans that we are...It has gotten much easier over the years. However, we still make sure anything we but says "TRA" Rebels!

I love watching my girls jump and show off their height. They really handle their height well. Most days they own it and love it...sometimes though they are self conscious and wish they were short! I think they are just perfect!