Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Knee...OUCH

Well, Dad put it off as long as he possibly could stand it. He was barely able to walk the day he went in for surgery. He is having a total knee replacement on his right knee. I sure hope this surgery is just what the doctor ordered and will relieve his pain. He has been hurting for so long. I know how depressing it can be to be in that situation...hurting everyday with no real solution in sight. I PRAY my Dad is a new man in a few weeks. The day he had his surgery there was a lot of waiting so Mom and I caught a quick nap while Daph ran a couple of errands! I can nap anywhere anytime!

My sweet sister LOVES having her picture made!

Dad after surgery..look how good he looks! That morphine must have been good stuff! 
Dad was being silly here and eating Oney's french fries! He is always a comedian no matter what!
His new knee! How amazing is this whole deal?
My sister...gotta love her...look closely at her weapon of choice...she told me she was "carrying" that day. Her definition and mine are two different things obviously. Funny thing is-she would probably do just fine with her scissors! 

The day after Dad's surgery he was already feeling like shaving. I couldn't believe it.
This picture was taken after his therapy on day two-he had just walked 70 feet! How impressive is that? Less than 24 hours after surgery?
Day three-Dads waterproof "bandaid". He will keep this on until he goes back to the doctor next Wednesday. I think he is doing wonderful! Thanks for the prayers and phone calls- friends and family. Keep 'em coming-Nurse Ginger is going to need them when they get home!