Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Heritage and a Heart

I have NEVER seen a kid be more appropriately named than my son, Oney Naifeh. I will never forget when Judson and I found out we were having a boy. We knew we wanted a (JR) but were unsure of what to call him...Judson/Jud/William/Oney??? We were worried that "Oney" just would be weird for a baby...BOY DID WE PICK THE RIGHT NAME. He LOVES and EMBRACES his name. He is so much like Oney that it is scary. As we were cleaning out some of the storage units of the last few bits of Oney and Adele's stuff, Oney just clung to some of the "treasures". 
Oney working hard polishing brass and silver. 
Adele's signature mark-her name written with a sharpie on all of her silver pieces.

A hookah...

Oney's famous bicycle that he rode for MILES. I think it has seen its better day.