Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day Weekend at the Lake

So, all I asked my kids to give me for Mother's Day was a weekend at the Lake with them without me having to force them to come. Unfortunately, we are at that stage in life now where they are not always excited to leave town or their friends to go to the Lake with their parents. That makes me VERY sad. Oh well, this too shall pass. 

I am still trying to put the finishing touches on our new house at the lake so I decided to sneak away a night early by myself. I pulled in to the driveway to find my neighbor and his lawnmower sliding down our hill! So, I had to tow him out! SCARY! 

I always enjoy looking at our find my friends app when we are all in different cities to see how far apart we are...

After many hours of trying to knockout the rest of my projects...hanging curtains, hanging artwork, painting furniture, washing linens, organizing closets, etc we snuck out on the boat for a couple of hours. WOW! It was SO nice! Temperature was perfect and so was the crowd! I forgot my swimsuit so I just took the scissors to my beef t-shirt and cut the sleeves off. Ally is reading her Pat Summit book and working on her tan. I stole this off of her snapchat story. 

How cute is this fella? I drove for awhile so he could relax (ha) in the sun. 

How beautiful is this picture of the Pickwick Dam? 

Pretty proud Papa? He is so proud of the beautiful young women he calls his daughters...but they scare him to death at the same time! Not because they are bad girls, just because they are so unbelievably beautiful! Sorry, I know I am biased. 

Thankfully Oney has NOT outgrown his ❤️ for working hard yet! He just LOVES to be helpful and WORK on anything! We have a new push mower and he couldn't wait to try it out. I know it won't last-but we are taking advantage of it for now! 

L.  E.  G.  S.  

The "dreaded" fountain that came with the house. Judson had worked on this fountain several times before with no luck on getting it going. So, I brought up a new pump and hose etc to reconnect the whole thing. I asked Oney to give it one last look before we tore it apart and re did it. Guess what? It took him all of TWO minutes and the fountain was running!!! YEAH! He is so good with mechanics! He may not be a straight A student but I swear he is brilliant. 

Abby was really into loving on her Dad at dinner on Friday night...I think she missed him while he was in Vegas. The other picture I am not so proud dear husband has now resorted to using his flashlight on his iPhone to read the menu at restaurants. Oh me. 

Perfect end to the night. One of our favorites. 

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