Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pickwick Partners

Oney has become my work partner at Pickwick.  We have had so many projects at the new house and he is always up for a project.  Jud was headed to Vegas for his annual guys golf trip so Oney and I headed to the Lake for a night to knock out a few things on my list. We couldn't resist driving by our old neighborhood on the way in town that night. We had some GREAT times at that house in the Hills of Pickwick! 

Our selfie to let Jud know we made it safely.

Our view the next morning...I am loving having a view of the water! I never knew how nice it would be until now.

Oney and Ginny working on a piece of furniture.
How "delicious" does this milk paint look? This was the first time I had used Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint and it was pretty easy. I forgot to take after pictures. I will post them later. I thought the mix looked like red velvet cake batter!

My 2 minute break for the day...the Kentucky Derby was today. It has become an annual tradition that my family takes pride in celebrating. This year Oney, my mom and I just took a quick work break and watched the race. My horse did not win.

After that break, I PROMISED Oney that if we got everything on our list done we would take a ride on the SeaDoo. He was dying to since he just got his license a few weeks ago! I sat on my sisters dock and watched him drive by himself. He did great! 

Our sunset as we were headed to the dock for the night. Nice...
Man he is growing up!