Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Boys at the Lake

We always have a bunch of girls with us. Oney is usually way outnumbered. So, we decided we needed a BOYS weekend at the lake. Oney invited Peyton to go up with us and Mac Fullen has a place so we convinced him to come hang with them too. 

Abby showing off her slalom skills. She really has this thing figured out...she is a natural at skiing. 

Look at Oney go! He learned to slalom last Summer, too. He skis just like his Daddy! Wide open and crazy!
Judson loves to teach the kids friends how to ski or wakeboard. He takes pride in being able to get them up with just a few tries. Peyton was the first kid we have NEVER been able to get up. He was soo close. He just wore out. 
Oney and Peyton covered a whole lot of territory on the Sea Doo. I think they had a couple of girls chasing after them too. I thought the boys were supposed to do the chasing?!
We always eat good when we are at the lake. I cook some of my best meals there. For some reason, it seems like its easier to get it all done there.
Pop enjoying the lazy boy.
Crazy, competetive, ping pong Papa!
Oney and Peyton

Jus doesn't ski very much anymore, but he still has it! Look at that old man go! 
Jud was showing the boys some crazy you tube video. Can you tell they liked it???
Mac had never had a Sopapia...are you kidding me??? My favorite! So we ordered him one and he LOVED it!!!
Lunch on Sunday has become a tradition...Grand Harbor! They do a great job and it is nice not packing up all the food on the last day out on the water.
There were sailboats everywhere. So what does Oney do but take a picture of one though the spotting scope from our balcony! Good times!