Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Big Green Egg

Well, we have started a crazy new venture at the store. We are now Big Green Egg dealers. Yep, thats right. A Cash Saver selling a high end grill. I told Judson he has lost his mind. But, hey, at this point we are game for anything that will help us keep our business alive and draw more customers in the grocery store. 

You can't be a BGE dealer and not own one yourself-can you? So, since we are at the lake most weekends in the Summer, we took one there and started grilling. 
How awesome does our section look? I think it turned out perfect for a grocery store format. Of course, this whole deal was Judson's idea, and where was he when everything came in that day? Yep, the golf course. I love it when I inherit his great projects.
The BGE man himself.
Judson playing with his new toy..a Looflighter. It is the coolest thing ever. Its like a hairdryer that lights a fire in 60 seconds. 
Ribs ...not bad for his first time!