Saturday, December 13, 2014

Buddy...the Elf

Me and Buddy the Elf...headed out to a Christmas get together at Monnie and Dan's house. It was officially an "ugly Christmas sweater", but Judson saw these costumes when googling for ideas and he insisted that we play the part. What does his crazy wife do but say "SURE"! He was so secretive the week of the party careful not to let anyone know what we were wearing. He watched you tube videos on the "Buddy the Elf" movies and memorized lines. Let me just tell you that he was in FULL character the night of the party. 
Not that anyone (Buddy) cares, but I was "Jolie the Elf". 
All of the awesome women (Moms) & friends at the party...I love every single one of these ladies. They are all lots of fun and just down to Earth friends. 
We had to take this selfie for Abby and her "new found" boy friend, Hayden Powell. Nikki is Hayden's Mom. I'm pretty sure we embarrassed her...but thats my job. 
Parker Fullen trying on Jud's wig...his sweater was hilarious! 
Buddy getting into his character in the car on the way to the party. SCARY
Three clowns...Judson, Eric, & Ryan
Jud and good 'ole Tab...Jud has been great friends with Tab since before high school. He even took her to his high school prom. EVERYONE adores Tab...she tolerates Marty and has a heart of gold!
Judson getting ready to walk in the party...he says, "How do I look? Do I look good?" Everyone fell out laughing of course and said hands down that "we won" the prize! Poor Scott Davis, he looked ridiculous in his turtleneck and sweater! I wish I had a picture of him to post. AWESOME PARTY!!! THANKS Monnie for hosting!